the new musical fidelity x can v3 headphone amplif

I have a musical fidelity x canv2 headphone amplifier, has anyone tried the new x can v3 and how does it compare to the v2 model,as i may look at upgrading.

Haven't but Sam Tellig did a review in Stereophile
just ordered one!
I have one and am thrilled with it. I have listened to it with various Grados (SR-60 / 80 / 225 / RS-2 / RS-1) as well as a few Sennheiser phones and love what it does. I did find that a huge upgrade could be had by replacing the 6922s with better tubes (stock is by no means, bad, JAN Philips iirc, they'll last forever, but I preferred the mullards). Tons of control over even the hardest to drive phones, great bass, holographic highs, and a whole lot less fatigue even with some of the brighter cheap Grados than I've ever had. The construction is top-notch, really a quality piece, all of the new small x-series stuff is gorgeous!