The new Mcintosh MC 402

Anyone got a chance to audition the new Mcintosh MC402? How is it compare to the MC352 and MC602? I am currently using the MC352 to drive B&W Natilus 803. Should I start thinking about upgrading? THX!!
Do you need the power. I have a 352 as well and can't imagine needing more. I do have a question as a fellow 352 owner. Do both of your meters read equally? Mine is always a little stronger on the left side. McIntosh says have it re-calibrated by them, but I hate the thought of doing with out while I ship it.
One other question. Does the 402 have the new fiberoptics backlit meters?
Hi Theo, both of my meters read exactly the same most of the time. Sometimes depends on the recording, they can be way off. Mcintosh website also posted picture and specification for the new MC 402 (for those who interested).
The 402 has the new fiberoptics as does the new C46 preamp (not out yet). I've seen it live, but did not listen to it. The meters are a nice, rich blue. The meters on the MA6900 look anemic in comparison. I gather all new models will feature fiberoptics. I've asked and existing models can't be retrofitted.
BTW, I doubt there is much, if any, sonic improvement over the 402. But again, I have not compared them. If you are serious about upgrading, though, check with your dealer because some Mcintosh dealers allow full value when trading in. That's one benefit of having such high resale values. But this deal may only apply to the same component, ie. an amp for an amp.
Following are excerpts from the press release McIntosh announced the release of the MC402 with. The MC402 is replacing the MC352. As far as I know, all other power amps are going to be replaced with the same new design.

Binghamton, NY December 6, 2002-McIntosh Laboratory, a world leader in home entertainment systems for over 52 years, introduces the MC402 Power Amplifier, with a new 3D glass front panel design.

Producing a minimum 400 watts per channel in stereo, 800 watts in mono, the MC402 delivers power that is fully balanced from input to speaker output. The extraordinary quad-differential design of the MC402 actually consists of four complete amplifier circuits. Each channel contains two amplifier circuits, each the mirror image of the other, whose outputs are combined in the unique McIntosh
Output AutoformerR resulting in totally balanced operation from input to speaker output and the cancellation of virtually all noise and distortion.
The MC402 is shipping now at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $5,000.
Getting back to the unequal meters bit, I have for several years noticed that on my tape deck (yes, I still have one ;) the left channel meter is a little higher than the right 85% of the time. On the Mc, the left was higher 85% of the time too. I asked a buddy in the recording industry and he said that he was told the left channel is recorded higher than the right as part of the stereophonic effect. Don't know if this is true but in my experience, that sounds like a decent enough reason for so many recordings to be made that way. I am glad I have balance control! Arthur
I noticed this effect with my McIntosh amp as well. But what is the sense, in a stereophonic recording, to record the left side stronger? Did your friend tell you that?
Regarding the meters: try a mono source like a record or FM station or maybe your pre has a mono button, put your meter switch on hold and turn the volume to different positions and note the meter readings.
Hassel: I think it is like the different-focus effect found with 3D glasses - just applied to your ears instead.

BTW, I hear this same thing on other amps besides McIntoshes. Mcs have meters so you can see it as well as hear it for solid confirmation. Some recordings make it very noticible - especially late 70s ones - where even unrelieving amps make it audible.
According to McIntosh, the two amps sound the same. The 402 has a little more power and the new cosmetics. It's circuit design has also been upgraded, but the differences are small.

If it were me, I would keep the MC 352. But since I don't own a Mac yet, I will be buying the MC402 because I like the new cosmetics and the slightly higher power rating. (My other amp choice is the Classe Audio CA 301). Once I buy the Mac, I will not be upgrading.
Im glad I`m not the only one to have uneven meters on the 352. Its good to know it can be corected, it is ever soooooo
slight it does not seem to affect the output I beleive that is correct because when I change r/l balance levels so they match I notice one side is a little louder so it must be the calibration of the meters. As far as the 402, if you already have a 352 I don`t beleive 50 more watts would give you the satisfaction the power hungry B&W`s need. Think of the 602 or perhaps 1201`s. David
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I just upgraded to the MC402 with my ML Ascents and the
the results were beyond words for me. My Electrostats just sang music like never before. The music was alive, detailed and warm. I use SF line 2 SE and a Pioneers CLD-D604 CD player. My room size is 14x15X9 ft.. I listen mostly to Classical and Vocal jazz.

I originally was trying to buy a used MC352 but can't justify getting one without warranty (piece of mind).
I like the MC402 new facia and slightly better built and power than the 402.

Mcintosh dealers will deliver and set-up the amp for you for free whether you buy it or not.

Hope this helps.
Sorry, I meant the MC402 is slightly better than the MC352.
The dealers will deliver and set up the MC402 even if I don't buy it? Boy, now that's a deal! Sign me up. Who else will do this? : )
Yes sir, its what they call "Home audtition". IT is for interested/serious prospected customers who are encourage to try the MCINTOSH products at their home. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SOUND after your "home audition" You DONT HAVE TO BUY IT....OF course they'll the the product back with them..

And yes, they did deliver and set-up the MC402 for me and my wife at our home. For us, the system just sounded phenomenal with the 402. IT's worth every penny...
Congradulations Jolen1aub! Nice to see someone happy about their system. BTW, what amp did the 402 replace? Arthur

The MC352 was replaced by the Mc402. I originally was shopping for a used but mint 352 but found out that warranty was NOT transferrable so me and my wife opt for a new 402. And thank you 4D congrats...

But I have the itch on upgrading my CDP. Have any suggestions? Do I add a dac processor on my existing CDP or buy a new one with built-in 24/96khz??? Any suggestion is deeply appreciated..

DAhhh... you fo course meant on my system.. Luxman M117
(200w/ch@ 8 ohms; 400w/ch @ 4 ohms; 700w/ch @ 2 ohms).
Had it for more than 10 years.

Is old school with old school designs, Stick to Rowland, Levinson and the Krells. All are better built and better sounding and much, much more reliable.
Phillyb, That's your opinion, brainwashed as it is, but I respect your right to have it.
Your right, I went and took a listen and purchased it along with the C200!
Good one Phillyb....enjoy!