The new Mark Levinson ML 53 monoblock amps ?

I just saw a picture of a new "reference amp" from Mark Levinson.
Does anybody know anything about these new mono block amps?
Better grab one now, before the new owners of Harman dump the low profit divisions ;--)
They weigh significantly less than the 33 model.
correct Nsgarch! look what they did to the beautiful Revel Salon...
I'm very anxious to see the pics. Can you post a link? Thx
Here's the link. Managed to find it.
I have been trying to get excited about either the 33 or the 53, as I contemplate upgrading my 23.5

In the end, I am not even sure it would be an upgrade, and the newer amps look like the space heater I had in my dorm room.

And with the Harman buyout, I guess it will be a cheaper, lighter and more mass produced space heater?

It makes me sad.
I will wait for the next of their "Reference" amps. It will come soon ....