The new magnificent Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamplifier

I have spent the last 48 hours, did not go to sleep last night, listening to Linear Tube Audio's new dedicated full size, full function Micro ZOTL Preamplifier and I'm amazed, mesmerized, and delighted with what Mark Schneider in conjunction with David Berning has brought to the market with this new creation.

I'm a reviewer for and about three years ago I awarded the "Product Of The Year" to the LTA ZOTLhead phone/preamplifier, which as a preamplifier completely out performed my $22,000.00 reference linestage!  Even today this remarkable piece, which sells for $1,700.00 with the upgraded power supply is still one of the best preamplifiers on the market.

Well, it took about three years for Mark to come up with a better "mouse trap". This new linestage is on a significantly higher qualitative performance level then its less expensive sibling and is driving my reference system to beautiful musical heights.  You can go to LTA's website to see how their new chassis work looks and the details of the internal quality of parts/construction and the explanation of the Berning's Zero Hysteresis Output Transfomer-Less circuit design.

Across every sonic attribute: timbres/color, image palpability/density, spatial qualities- air around players- tremendous soundstage depth/width/height, powerful overall dynamics, and deep extension with great low frequencies regarding tone/accuracy which gives a great foundation to the music.  All this and delivered with total liquidity and ease.  This preamplifier renders the illusion of real music better then any other linestage I have had in-house for review. 

My full review for, with many more superlative details, will be coming out in the next few months, just wanted to give this "heads up" to the GON members because this preamp just kills it.  By the way I believe the retail cost is 4K, which is a bargain for what you get and the "magic" it will bring to your system.

Hello everybody,

My review on the LTA MicroZOTL preamplifier was posted on today.  He gives all the details of way I gave it five stars, the highest possible rating, and purchased it as my new reference linestage.  Hope you enjoy the review.
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willco, what's your reason for selling?
Willco ia someone who posted here?
Have had the LTA Micro ZOTL MZ2s since Jan 2017 and have been using with my Focal Elears. Very happy, then one day I tried the Micro on my Hartsfields with great results.
Have a large weekend project, building my retirement home, bought new gear for there and decided to try the Micro as a pre amp. Shocking to say the least in a very good way. Takes a while to warm up , but it comes alive after 45 min.
Ticks a lot of boxes for not much mula.
My short term quest has been satisfied. If I feel the need can always do some tube rolling.