The New Luxman SQ-N150 Tube Integrated Amp

Stopped by my dealers store the other day and he just received the new mini Luxman SQ-N150 tube integrated. It's rated at 10 watts at 6 ohms. Just 8 1/2" x 11 3/4" in size. It's easy to put anywhere. It has 4 JJ EL84 pentodes and 2 ECC-83 tubes. The phono stage is solid state it has both MM and MC stages. In the rear you also have 3 RCA inputs. In the front there is a Headphone input. Plus you get some nice meters. The fit and finish is typical Luxman quality. They had it hooked up to a pair of Forte III's. They were streaming music through the matching mini Luxman CD player which has a built in DAC. Sound wise It had a solid bottom. The mids and the top end were detailed but not harsh. They also had a Clearaudio Concept hooked up w/a Hanna MC cart. The phono was very good. The dealer told me he was also going to try it w/the JBL L-100's to see if that would be a good match. I know the major focus on Luxman is their Solid State units but the Tube gear is also top notch.