The new Lumin

For my budget the better Linn, Sooloos systems are too expensive. Anyone considering the new Lumin network music player? It looks promising but I'm thinking wait a year or two until they refine the Minim server software. At present it would appear something like a CAPS V2 running Vortexbox seems a better interim system. It seems when you add-up all the costs (including a good NAS, iPAD controller, etc. - the more than just good network player systems cost more than $4K. One knowledgeable poster over at CA said something that caught my attention: "A NAS with media server embedded is essential." (and) "Keep the notebook out of the loop." Thoughts?
bgeofft-duplicate-0 reponse to your question regarding the Lumin Network Music Player i recently bought one and it is superb.Sonically it improves on the sound from the PS Audio PWD MKII i also have.It also does DSD and supports gapless function. i am not using a preamp and am connecting it directly to my monoblocks and use the Kinsky app and it works flawlessly..