The new line of Sony DVD/SACD players

Just in time for xmas, my musicdirect catalog came in mail this week. In it, I found an interesting Sony ad, depicting thier line of relatively inexpensive players. They changed up thier $1000 model, making it a little more normal looking. Who knows what else, if anything, they did to it?. The most interesting is the single disc player for $299 (the DVP-NS500V). To me, a poor man, that sounds like a good deal. Lots of toy-value, but i do not have time to watch movies...just time to type. Knowing Sony, it probably plays DVDs well. It will be interesting to see how well it plays SACDs, and to a lesser degree, CDs. Has anyone checked this out yet? It seems to me, however, that the average person who would buy this might not get a large increase in sound quality. The improved signal generated by SACD, relative to CD, might lose its steam after going through a dude's reciever, generic cable, and polk speakers. I really don't know, though. Does anybody here? I might check one out, compare it to my RCD-971. Hopefully my friend, who is now looking for a DVD player, will buy it. Then maybe we will get the low-down. Good luck to Sony in puching SACD. I am guessing that this player will be the most significant model in attracting attention to the format.
I just ordered the Sony DVP-NS900V. Supposedly their replacement of the 9000ES. The 900V retails for $999 and does multi-channel SACD. I'll have to wait a week before I can spill the beans. The 500V for only $299 should open up a new audience for SACD. Now Sony needs to really pour out the software. Lower price players are one step it the right direction, if they don't flood the market with software the format could die out or stay a small, audiophile only market.
Previously, I have listened to the sacd format through semi- reference components. And was also skepticle as to the potential advantage for systems souch as you have described. However, a couple of weeks ago I took the liberty of stopping by a local Circuit City and auditioned one of Sony's new less expensive line of sacd players and was quit impressed. I would suggest that you do the same.

PS. You might consider upgrading your speaker cables and interconnects a bit audio advisor carries a variety of cheap cables.
I purchased the NS-500V about 2 months ago, mostly for the DVD video. I hooked it up briefly to make sure the 5.1 SACD was working, and it sounded pretty darned good with the enclosed demo disk. I have also listened to the SACD demo disk in stereo for a few hours and it sounds both smooth and very detailed. I hear no glare or edginess. In fact, it sounds good enough that I have put a hold on most of my CD purchases in the hopes that I can get the same material in the SACD format. I have been using a Yamaha receiver and Spendor SP1 speakers. I have not had time to hook up the NS500V to my Audio Research amps. Maybe I'll have time over the holidays. The problem is that I need a 6 channel volume control and cannot find one at a reasonable price.
Oh, I wasn't talking about my system, but the system of the average Joe who frequents BestBuy-type establishments. Although I can see now how my post would be read that way, I was not referring to purchasing one myself. I just think that it is an interesting product in general, maybe someone I know who does not want to spend a lot of money on a system would enjoy it.
I bought the DVP-NS500V two weeks ago. For under $300 it's a fine "training wheels" SACD player, but don't expect to be blown away. Do expect a long break-in period during which it sounds pretty bad. I'd love to see a comparison between this unit and some of the earlier, more expensive SACD machines.
I've been using one for the last 2-weeks and I think it's a giant killer for the price. If you've been thinking of getting into SACD on the cheap, then this is the ticket (BTW, video is also excellent on my non-HD set). Paid $248 + shipping from