The New GMA Callisto is one good looking speaker..

I just got some pictures of the new GMA Callisto speaker today from Janet (their new CEO) and it is one sharp looking speaker.

What I found the most interesting in the product information release was Roy Johnson's response to some individual inquiring about the inherit small sweet spot of time and phase correct speaker designs. This is a topic we discussed at length on this board about 2 months ago. According to Roy, in both the GMA C-3 and Callisto the user has the ability to adjust the speaker angle to best suit room and listening considerations. Based on our discussions on this board several brought up the idea that furniture and room configurations can negate some of the advantages found in time and phase speaker designs. it appears these concerns were not lost on Roy, so he decided to deal with them head on.

I'm sure the Callisto is a very good speaker.
I am greatly looking forward to the initial reviews. I think the first opportunity to hear the Callisto will be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival. Anyone going?
Is there any way you can post the pics for us? I did find these pics... don't know if they're the same as what you have or not.
Those audiocircle pics are the same ones sent out on the newsletter, new Callisto photo page and the spec page. The text of Roy's message in his audiocircle post is pretty much directly quoted from the new print literature.
Tcbannon, I am thinking of going. I just live up the road in Cheyenne, WY, so only a couple of hour drive for me. I love the Europas, and even though I have only had them for a few months, the Callisto has my upgrade bug churning!
Ketchup - that URl you provided is the correct picture of the new Callisto, however it doesn't show the back of the speaker, which is also interesting.
I think they're ugly, sorry to say (so are my Europas, which I love, but I've learned to live with them, just not in the living room). But I am impressed by this little item in the small print: GMA will break them in for you at the factory (200 hours) for $150. I think I'd pay it.
Cool pix of the Callisto. Thanks for providing that Audiocircle link.

Dawgbyte: scroll down on that link & you'll see a bunch of more pix. Some zoomed in on the speaker bottom, one of the rear, one w/o the grill zoomed in, etc.

I saw those pictures of the back after I already made the post. Trigger finger must be too fast.
I am going to have to agree with Drubin
on this one. They kind of look like a male private part...
I would like to hear the reviews though
Is there any pictures of the next GMA speaker that is coming out this winter?
The speaker should be renamed "The Black Thumb."
I mean, just look at the thing. It's hideous.
Unless, of course, you want a big black thumb
sitting in the middle of your living room. Then
it's absolutely perfect!
I was thinking finger and nail at first, but I guess a thumb will work too. I kind of prefer the human anatomical look... I've just ordered a pair of monitors that look like an ear and the stands are modeled after a nose. WAF factor .02.
I guess GMA is finally in the process of updating their web site. Lots of good background information on the company and their products.
Got tracking numbers from GMA last night. My Callistos will be arriving on Wednesday. According to new CEO, they're the pair GMA used at the Rocky Mountain show this weekend. Did anybody get to hear them?!
Heard from a few people they weren't broken in yet, they sounded better by the end of the show. Please report back your findings and impressions.
Yeah,that would figure. GMA lags behind on their website and new introducitons etc.On the other hand, I am listneing to my Europs now and I have been waiting for weeks for a review of the new Calistos. What does that say?