The new dynamic in speaker pricing

Yesterday I received the latest issue of the Absolute Sound mag. This issue has the round up of the varying speaker manufacturer’s wares along with the retail pricing. One thing that struck me is the number of speaker manufacturer’s who have a speaker in their line up that cost close to a $1M!! There are good number of speakers now available with prices in the $700K+ range. A few manufacturer’s are also a little ’glib’ with their top model pricing, such as Oswalds Mill--who state- price upon inquiry only!

This new speaker pricing dynamic is interesting, as it clearly indicates that there are buyers out there who are happy to pay these prices and presumably enough buyers to make these products viable. A trend that is certainly interesting and yet questionable as to how it will impact the hobby as a whole.

Opinions on this trend?


Hang in there… in about 3 months or so, the Fed will have those prices down to under $500k so more of us can afford them. 

That reviewer has XVX, not Alexx V. And he had a full Dag setup visit the room and it didn’t dethrone his Macs. My issue with the setup is that the soundstage is high. He has since moved, unfortunately. One of the best audiophiles and friends around. His passion for records is unmatched - up to 10k last time I visited. 

I don't know if there's a "new dynamic" in speaker pricing or not.  What I do know is that there are some consumers who are able and willing to pay "whatever."