The NEW Dahlquists?

Can anyone speak to the new Dahlquist line's sound qualities? I've talked to a few people who are talking them up quite a bit (in relation to Paradigm, Energy, PSB and B&W) and I am curious. In particular, I am interested in the QX-6 and 8's and their QX50c.

I personally think they fit in with the JBL line and a few other mass market brands. Not really that impressive. I would expect to see them in Circuit City and Best Buy. But, as all things go, I'm sure they will find a limited market.
The Dahlquist name was purchase by a Canadian speaker manufacture that mass produce speakers, they are not the same caliber as the old Dahlquist DQ-20/ DQ-30 etc...
Bigtee is right on the money. They are trying to capatalized on the Dahlquist name, Try the other brands that you mention first and try Vandersteen speakers you can get a good used pair here in Audiogon. Good luck and may the high End Gods gide you in you're quest!!!