The New Cream re-issues

Has anyone heard these yet? Thinking of picking up Fresh Cream.
Sound-wise, Fresh Cream is one of my least favorite albums, all-time. I'd love to find out that someone has improved it. The material is great but the sound just isn't there to back it up IMO.
i just checked and fresh cream was produced by robt. stigwood (never my fave), while on the much better followup, disraeli gears, stigwood is listed as "arranger" and felix pappalardi is listed as producer
For what it's worth, in my opinion the original US ATCO MONO issue sounds best and sounds real good to me (I haven't heard the new re-issue, but many other pressings including original Japan German UK and doubt this new re-issue sound better).
My Vinyl Lovers Fresh Cream is quite good, particularly the vocals/midrange. Really engaging and sometimes riveting. Still available.
Yes there is a Steve Hoffman DCC pressing and they sell for close to 200 on flee bay sealed.I have never heard one though. To my dismay the re issue is the English import set of songs which omits one of my favorite Cream songs I Feel Free.
Out of curiosity, who is reissuing these?
BTW, I have half-a-dozen Original Masters (only once removed from master tape) copies of "Wheels of Fire" on cassette (sealed).
I tried to sell here years ago but no interest shown.
I'll try again if I get any nibbles.
Yow! My DCC Fresh Cream is still sealed---I had no idea copies were going for that kinda money!