The New BAT REX preamp

Has anyone heard the new top-of-line BAT REX?
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I heard it last night at a local retailer's audio show. It was running into a VK-75SE and a pair of Hansen Prince speakers. Very quiet background and very dynamic with great slam.
Daveyf, I heard the REX at my dealer yesterday in Austin. WOW.

System was DCS pi8 SACD player, REX, VK 55, Watt Puppy 8's.

It's pretty startling. I have all BAT gear, VK51SE, VK150SE's, VKp10SE Superpak. I recently just added a second tube vk75se amp, I'd say this is a order of magnitude better than a second amp. Much much bigger than the 50se=>51se upgrade I did a while back.

Seems like the warmth is back a little, with out any expense anywhere else. The transparency, the dynamics are the best I think I have heard...

Now I have to find a way to squeeze this into my budget soon!
Hey Jfrech, when you say, "the warmth is back a little" do you mean there is a little LESS warmth? I have a system very close to what you demo'd Bat 51SE, Bat 75SE, Watt Puppy 7's, DSC pi8, Nordost Valhalla through out. Haven't had a chance to check out the REX yet but am interested in hearing how it sounds and better understand it's improvement over the 51SE. One more question, did you notice a big difference when you went to a pair of mono block Bat's instead of the stereo? This is something else I am considering. Thanks!!
Hi Jjm, sorry,I should have been a little clearer on the warmth comment. My 50se was a little "warmer" than my 51se. While the 51se was a significant step up over the 50se in every way, the character was a little different. The 51se being slightly cooler in the mids. So the REX got that lost warmth back plus a WHOLE bunch more in transparency, dynamics, details, shading/inflection of the notes etc. I was in church last night, with a trumpet playing on a few songs. That trumpet player was hitting notes, you could feel it. The REX brings the feeling of live music into your room. That last sentence is it's most important praise!

Oh my yes on the change from a single 75se to dual 75se's.
In every concieveable way. NO DOWNSIDE. It's not just more power on your WP7's. It's control which seriously improves the dynamics and the imaging. This is one of those 1+1=3 things. I always loved my Watt Puppy 6's on my 75se. Ran em that way for about 4 years. The move to 150se's is huge. Highly recommended.

BTW, my new Watt Puppy 8's arrive this Friday :) !!

Before you add a second amp, do yourself a big favor and put V-Cap coupling caps in the VK75SE. You will hear a major improvement in bass control, dynamics, relaxation, transparency, treble detail & air, without sacrificing warmth. You can always add the second amp later with V-Caps to match & your system will be way up above stock performance levels.
I have the BAT 75SE and 51SE and just purchased a dCS P8i.

Instead of upgrading to REX, I was just starting to experiment with running the dCS P9i straight to the 75SE instead of using the 51se. Have you guys any experience with the straight-to-the amp approach?
Years ago, I used to run a Wadia 850 striaght into a BAT VK 200 then VK 60. When I added a VK50SE, it was much better. Transparency maybe a better direct, dynamics, control, all the little things better with the preamp.

However, your miles may vary with the dCS. I have heard that player, it's great. The preamp is a critical gain stage. And the BAT equipment thrives when used together. I'd be suprised if the dCS direct beats your 51SE. BTW, great system and nice problem to have :).