The new B&k avr707 or Arcams av600

So I think I want to upgrade my Ht proces. I was thinking between either the new B&k avr 707 or 705, or the new Arcam. Now the Arcam has a few more features, But there was always something that B&k does that sounds great with HT. I know they have always been a little behind in the vid area but they now address that. So what are your thoughts?

I am not really worried about power since either of these units will only power my center and rear speakers. I have my mains powered by mono block mcintosh 501's with a mcintosh c2300 preamp set with passthrough. I am using right now a mcintosh mht-200. my dvd player is a esoteric dv-60, with my speakers being the New totem Wind desings and modle one sig for center. with Dali helicons w200 for rears.
the avr 600 had software issues and the company is difficult to deal with. good luck!
Well they both had software issues. To be honest every unit from almost all company's with this new tech has soft ware issues. I hate denon, and onky, along with marantz, they are just not great sounding items compaired to what I am looking at. I would really like the new sim audio, but I am not going to spend 18g on a procs. I also think that B&k gives you just a great product its hand made, in the usa, and it just outproforms any den or onk, it may not have any many features but, I am not looking for all of that. I am into just sound wise.
I have the Ref 70 pre/pro and have been very impressed with it. The sonics are great for a pre/pro that can be had new under $3k. When changing TV stations from HD to standard and back there sometimes is a few second delay before the picture returns as it is changing formats. Overall, I find it great for the price.
I agree all electronic gears have software out-of-date problem! The key issue is how easy to upgrade your software. Marantz (remember this name!) does not allow me to upgrade software myself. I was instructed to go to a local authorized shop. There is only one in San Francisco Bay Area, Mountain View. I have to pay $150 just to walk into the door. Comparing to Sony, I can download software on-line and upload it myself. I plan to dump my Marantz gears, two SR7400, DV5500 and DV9500.