The new 47 Labs fullrange monitors

Has anyone have any tid bits of information about this speaker? It seems to have a very small driver, in a bass reflex configuration with a low power handling limit....what it seemed to be about 25 watts. I wonder what sort of driver it uses? In the Sakura systems website it states that it is Kevlar. Are there other manufactures that make such sort of driver sans cabinet? How will it sound? If anyone has read the 47 labs website in Japanese could enlighten us a little.
Anyone listened to these speakers, the 4722 Lens, yet?
I have heard from someone, I think was it in AudioAsylum or was it AudioCircle that a dealer had brought them over for a listening session...they were small, physically speaking and the comment on the sonics of it were that "it was not impressive" aka: they were forgettable. In terms of price, according to the previous impression, it might be tough to justify the price for a pair of these speakers. There is simply too much competition at this price, especially from the used camp: Merlin TSMs, the Decapos and a plethora of other critically acclaimed brands and models.
Thanks Bem. I guess these speakers didn't live up to the manufacturer's claim that these sound as gooas Quad 57s.