The National...losless downloads?

Anyone know where one may buy lossless format downloads of "The National" albums?

I recently got a copy of "Boxer" and cannot stop listening! One of the best new records I have heard in ages.

Just search for The Naional under artists. You can choose your file format as WAV.
Wow! thanks Bwp! I actually did not think I would find them, thanks...
They are primarily a dj oriented site, they do have a good selection of many less mainstream artists as well.
Well, i think iTunes offers lossless downloads..
Singleendedsingle - the iTunes store does offer 256 kbps downloads, called iTunes Plus, which is twice the resolution of the standard downloads, but those are much lower resolution than any lossless file.
Itunes would not work for me, needed wav or flac which the site Bwp sent me to had both. Thanks much!
great band, neat being from the same city as these guys when they started, check out their earlier ablum Cherry Tree for an awesome version of All The Wine
where are you from fightingwords? aren't those guys from cincinnati originally? i will check out cherry tree, thanks! i have boxer and sad songs for dirty lovers and there is not a bad song on either. my wife is about ready to shove them down my throat...or elsewhere....they are in heavy rotation to say the least. i am on the list at the library for alligator too so will have it shortly.

they rose fast, happy for them. someone at google must like them too, have you seen the google ad about the concert?
yeah, I'm from Cincinnati. I remember them putting out Alligator and thinking, "these guys might break it big," and then not much later they're on Letterman and have a song in a Democratic campaign ad.

I think Alligator is their most focused effort, but I really cant say I like any album more than the other.

Cherry Tree is a unique album because its a pretty intimate showing, and a really interesting document in terms of seeing were theyve come from. It's not my favorite, but it does have my favorite song, "Wasp's Nest", on it.
cool...i am just up the road in columbus. i used to get to cinci 3 or 4 days a week so i know it well. lots of good music from that area...the wiggs, adrian belew...some classic talent.

have not had time to get into any of the other records. i have been screwing with my network/server stuff and it is killing me! audio used to be so easy. i love the current evolution in digital but it really needs some standards. half the time i feel like i am guessing but it sounds pretty damn good at the moment.
meant afghan whigs not wiggs...eating and typing!
The Afghan Whigs are incredible. On a side note, Shake It! Records in Cincy is doing a 7" tribute series to Eddie Hinton, and Gregg Duli (afghan whigs singer) did vol 2. You need these two songs. Haha.

The record is called Dagerous Highway vol2.
i will put it on my list for sure. i think i have every record he has ever been on. thanks for the tip!
"audio used to be easy...". Haha, I'm an analog guy myself, I want to the server just for when my less responsible friends come over but the boss says I gotta buy her a house first.

How's Columbus? I've only been there in college, and it involved high street and a mid-night visit to the blue danube. I had a rueben dog and the worst hangover. Fun city.