The Naim Sound

Naim seems to have an almost cult-like following amomg its users. I understand Naim has a very characteristic "sound" Some have described it as having no depth, wide soundstage and in your face presentaion. Comments? TIA Emil
I am a naim owner. Naim plays music, short and simple! Forget words like soundstage, imaging, treble, depth. Naim equipmentis built like a battleship and the company supports its products and owners. I just so happen to be selling some naim equipment on audiogon- a 102 preamp for $1400 and a 32-5 preamp for $400. If you have any interest or just want to talk email me back. regards, david ps. I am selling the naim stuff in order to upgrade to better naim stuff!
Emil, You hit the nail on the head in your description of the Naim sound. It sounds like a good radio but I've never heard Naim or Linn sound remotely like real music.