The Mutech RM Kanda Hyabusa

Anyone out there have this cartridge? Very intriguing design ala Transfiguration. Impedance is 1.5 ohms, Output 0.45mV, Compliance is not listed. $4500 and you get a two week trial period. Neat.
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Channel D has a program called Pure Vinyl. It is for use on Apple Computers only. It has built in RIAA correction. In order to use it you need a phono stage with a flat uncorrected output which all Channel D phono stages have. Then you digitize the output and send it to the computer. The computer will apply the correction then either play it back immediately or record the album to your hard drive getting the  metadata for the album from the internet putting it all together in the iTunes library.
Michael Fremer uses this to record vinyl and compare cartridges and turntables. Yes, it requires an AD then DA conversion but at 24/192 this is "invisible."  I have to digitize my phono stage anyway to send it to my preamp which is entirely digital up to the DACs. Is it worth it? Like always there are various opinions. The computer RIAA is more accurate and has less distortion. I have not tried it yet so I can not say. Fremer continues to use his CH phono stage for most of his listening instead of the computer.
But I love the Channel D phono stages. The L20 is a beast. When I get one I will certainly compare digital to analog RIAA correction
Thanks for your informative response.
The distributor happens to be my set up guy and I was glad to give this a go with an industry accommodation price as a bonus. My previous cart was the well regarded Kiseki Purple Heart. The Mutech was quite nice through my Allnic 1202, I will eventually have SoundSmith retip it as I did with the Kiseki(I am currently using a retipped Air Tight Opus 1 which I prefer but has a MSRP almost 4 times as great). My impression was of a very dynamic cartridge that was fun to listen to. Your impressions may vary.