The Music Room Erie CO

I just wanted to share my recent experience with TMR.   It was great !    My original intention was to sell them an item.   The cash offer wasn’t bad at all but Mario put together a great deal on an Aurender N200.   

I would have never bought that outright so with a little money out of pocket and my trade I stepped into an awesome piece of equipment.   I had that money earmarked for something else but this was an opportunity to really upgrade from my Vault .  It was a no brainer and they made it easy.   

I check their site often, there is some seriously good equipment there on a daily basis.   They also are authorized dealers for many great brands plus they are a McIntosh Authorized repair center.  

I would definitely do business with them again.  Mario is a class act , give him a shot when selling or wanting to trade. .  


Haven't used them yet, but I did the same thing you did, moved from a Vault to an N200. It was a really nice upgrade. Enjoy!

Yes, it’s awesome. I’m listening to it right now. TMR gave me a good deal. It all depends on what you have, it’s condition and it’s desirability. Do they have 5 of what you are trying to sell / trade ?  Or do they have a wait list for it ?   That all factors into it. Don’t be offended by their quote, if you think you can do better with zero hassle , do it.