The Music Room - Boulder Colorado

This vendor has a lot of favorable comments - but I have had a very unfavorable experience with them this Dec 2019. I have sent all my trade items & $400 via PayPal to them (per our email agreement) - all of which The Music Room has been confirmed to have rec’d. Despite my many emails they do not get back to me on the status of my trade shipment of a Rega turntable. I have called them multiple times - I cannot recommend that you deal with The Music Room, and currently I do not believe that they are legit. If they don’t make right in the next day or so I will have to file a complaint with the BBB.
I'm local to The Music Room and I've been to their place - they are legit. I've only bought from them - I've never sold to them.

Sorry for your problems and hope it gets squared away fast
I have traded, bought and sold with TMR a few times , never any problems. Instead of the BBB go through PayPal if they don’t respond. 
The Music Room has a good reputation for a reason. They seem to be legit and have done right by most people, a little patience goes a long way. I’m guessing this will get straightened out in the end. 
I’ve purchased several new subwoofers from The Music Room and thus far have found them to be very reliable and definitely above board. 
They are legit, I’ve bought a few things from them. One time, I bought an preamp and it arrived with some of the capacitors disconnected from shipping. They paid to have it shipped back and repaired it with higher quality caps.

I have had both good and bad dealing with them.
Bad was on deal right here for some cables, do not even remember the exact issue but we did not resolve it amicably and instead of communication they decided to just block me instead, real classy.

However since that time ( was maybe five years ago) I have completed 3 purchases direct from their own website with a slightly better price than here and zero issues.

So it might just depend on which salesperson you get to deal with.

I would call again, express your dissatisfaction and let them know action whether BBB or PayPal will be forthcoming if not at least a plan of fulfillment is given to you.
Good luck
They are legit. I have had few dealings in the past and usually they are very quick to reply. But there has been times where I did not hear back from the rep....and when did get hold of him, all I heard that they have been very busy. 
You may experience delay in reply but don’t think they will run away with your money. It is a busy time of the year and they may be short staffed due to scheduled vacation time. 
Thank you for your helpful responses. Good to hear that you all are generally satisfied with TMR. I'll keep trying to get affirmative communication and appropriate fulfillment out of the TMR - but, this has certainly not been at the level of customer care/service that I was expecting.
FWIW, I noticed a few weeks ago they were advertising to fill 'service tech' job(s). This shortage might well explain their delays in evaluating your trade in. 
TMR are legit. I have sold them stuff at least five times. I have received my money as soon as they received my shipment and inspected it. Typically 1-2 business days after delivery (as tracking showed). I never had to ask
TMR very legit and growing by leaps and bounds. I have at least ten buy/sell transactions with them, all flawless less shipping damage not due to them. Rob takes great care of me there.
hope this resolves
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I've had zero buying issues. They do tend to inflate original retail prices on some gear though.
I purchased a second hand amp from them with no problems. Hope you get some satisfaction.
I am reaching out directly to larsa39, but just wanted to make sure everyone knows how to reach us. We've got 20+ folks working here now including a full-time receptionist answering the phones when it rings. Give us a call at 720-336-8742. If the line is busy, you can always email with general questions; with product questions or with post-sale issues. We aren't perfect, but this team is always eager and willing to help! Happy Holidays to all, and thanks for the continued support. 

Nice to see TMR standing up and taking this seriously.
Good luck to both parties
TMR is a great operation.  I have done a number of transactions with them and have nothing but good to say about them.  
Nice to see the proactive response. Just out of curiosity, how much time has transpired since the gear was received by them and you posting this?

I too have had a bad experience with The Music Room. They poorly communicate. They don’t follow up and when they finally do, it is after much emailing them to solicit a response. They low ball me on trades. They are not open on weekends in my experience and fortunately I never got far enough to do any deals with them. At this point, I don’t plan on doing any business with The Music Room, nor can I recommend them. As for their reputation noted above. I think at a minimum whether it is a bad or good one is not clear and is a matter of debate at best. 
I have had several transactions with them. I can’t speak to shipping as I am local and prefer to pick up. Never any problems with communication and gear is always as advertised. 
It's been my experience 100% that if a vender doesn't listen or respond to you they WILL react to a PayPal dispute within 48 hours. I only do web business with Amazon or PayPal. No exceptions.
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kingbarbuda, you are correct that we are not open on the weekends. I started this business because I wanted to spend more time with my family... not less. I want the same for my employees. I'm sure we could be more profitable working 7 days / week, but for now we're sticking to this model. That said, I'm curious to hear more about your experience and why you think our reputation is "debatable." Drop me a line if you have time -
I haven bought and sold with them and other some communication issues, I find them to fulfill their commitments.
They are in fact legit. I have had multiple great experiences with them, both on purchases and trades. FWIW I have also found them to be fair and realistic on trade values, given the resale nature of the trade.
Absolute noob here and on a *very* tight budget.

All my transactions have been 5/5. If i thought, for a minute, they were up to any shenanigans, I wouldn't do business with them and certainly let people here know about it.

In thread response from them speaks for itself.
Great experience with TMR for me. Josh and whoever else it was(a lady), just handled things great for me. Many times better than some of the other audio outlets. 
I've done numerous transactions with TMR and have always had a uniformly positive experience. I just completed a transaction where I sold them three items.  I submitted my items over a weekend using their online form, had a quote from them on Tuesday, accepted their offer and had a pdf of shipping labels (they pay the cost of shipping to them) by Wednesday. They received my items on Tuesday of this week. By Wednesday afternoon, they had inspected/tested my items,  and I had received both payment via PayPal and an email from them confirming they had sent payment and thanking me for my business. 

As I type this from my listening chair, probably half of the system I'm looking at / listening to (cdp, speakers, and power conditioner + a set of interconnects and a power cord)came from TMR. As a 15+ year member of Audiogon,  to me, TMR is a great alternative for the audio hobbyist who wants to avoid the frustrations of dealing with some of the individual purchasers/sellers who seem to inhabit the Audiogon space now. I hope and fully intend to do more business with them in the future, as the bug bites. 
Everyone - I can tell you that Josh Jackson (Owner of TMR) personally reached out to me tonight w/the very sincere and earnest desire to make things right - kudos to Josh. My faith has been restored - will keep you all posted on prospective/promised resolution of my issues/order with TMR. Thanks for your collective input.
I also have done a few buy/trade deals with TMR and each have gone smooth. It might take them a day to inspect the trade you sent them and your refund is sent to you the next day. They also sent me the new gear so I can still use my gear while my new stuff was being shipped. Great to do business with

Glad TMR has restored your faith in them.  I too have had an excellent experience with them on a pair of speakers for my home theater.  

It sounds like the overall experience may differ depending on who you deal with at TMR.
A+ experience with TMR!!
I'm glad to hear that your situation will be worked out.
It's always a frustrating experience when one doesn't have contact with someone within a company to iron out an issue.
I have purchased and sold a number of items my last purchase was a new PS Audio P 20 a few weeks ago.I had originally purchased a P15  and needed a larger unit.

This is one of the best companies I have worked with they are very knowledgeable and will make good suggestions even if what they recommend cost less than what you were looking to purchase.

They do NOT overstate the condition of used equipment they have plenty of photographs of each item and will let you know of any service history if available. 

The person I deal with is a guy buy the name of Nick Lucini one of the nicest and most honest people I have ever worked with. I am pretty knowledgable and he as stopped me from making a few very expensive mistakes. They also package the merchandise better than most companies to ensure you don't end up with a number of broken parts when it arrives at your end. 
I have sold five or six Audio Research products to TMR and each experience has been positive. Their offers have been very fair and honestly close to what I would get for them as a private seller without the hassle. Their turn around times have been very good and the payments have been prompt. I would happily buy from or sell to them. 
Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. But glad to hear TMR is making it right. 
In October I picked up a used Clearaudio Concept from them.  The agreement was I’d pay for the Concept’s full asking price, and after TMR received my trade in they’d credit back the value they proposed.  It did take them about 7 business days to evaluate the trade in gear and issue the credit.  

Hopefully in your situation they’re simply having an issue with bandwidth to get things done, doesn’t excuse the poor communication though.  
I also have had no response via email from them regarding a used Nakamichi DR-1 I bought a few weeks ago that has a problem that was not disclosed.  I sent emails to two different people including support.
This is disappointing since I was thinking I would buy more from them at some point.
Y'all take it EZ,Robert
TMR is great, A+ experience for me in the ast.
I have had good dealings with TMR
I can attest to the fact those guys are legit and upstanding

They stand by their products and go above and beyond whenever there is an issue with the components they sell

Great that Josh the owner weighed in and helped. With twenty employees TMR is bigger than most of the firms that OEM our beloved gear... not an excuse just reality.

i will also say as a TMR fanboy they have a foam in place packing system and sturdy shipping boxes, gear  sold without factory box arrives intact !
Perhaps you might wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

No seriously.  You might go there in person and confront them or demand they refund your money.   
@robob and others: this thread has been fortuitous. We've discovered an issue with our email configuration that is causing a number of emails to be flagged as SPAM. We are diving into out spam folders now, but again - if you ever have trouble reaching us please call 720-336-8742. It's never our intention to ignore or dismiss our highly valued customers. Thanks again

I’ll add to the positive reviews above.  I’m very happy with the several transactions I’ve had at TMR, both buying and selling.

Its hard to find their exact terms for accepting consignments on their website.  Their commissions are not insubstantial but well worth it to me, considering I don’t have to market, package, ship or insure items, much less deal with Customer issues.

I live in the world of the written contract and was a little uncomfortable with the absence of black-letter paperwork with my first consignment, but it was never an issue and I don’t worry about it with them anymore.

one thing...they evaluate an item and list it on their website and will regularly reduce the price until the item sells.  They won’t regularly contact you during this process, so you will have to initiate communication if you want it.

I have also purchased from them and was similarly pleased with the item, it’s description and price.  I can’t speak to packaging since I’m local.  Again, friendly and responsive communication and a quick, satisfactory resolution of a small wrinkle after purchase.

Overall, they are friendly, knowledgeable and reliable.  My dealings with them, in person and over the ether, have left me with only positive impressions.
I'd just like to add to the numerous posts of praise regarding TMR.  I've been doing business when then for years, maybe 50 transactions between buying/selling (that's a me problem, ha).  Everytime has been perfect, and I'll continue to do business with them.

Most of my dealing have been with Rob and Karl, and they are both top-notch professionals!
Haha Robert.
I heard you gave them a 15% spike in sales and trade this year......
Very reputable from my experience in buying.
Im glad there is  post about  TMR...I recently purchased a coctail server which i admiitedly had little info on..I thought i got a good buy but was unable to get it to operate  at a basic level after  reading the manual....I also found the units data drawer came empty as well as the streaming antennae(doggle?)......Im an old school analog man..I expected not to have to spend more money  for both those items and the ad didnt mention it....I get on the phone figuring in real life you can speak with a rep or tech...not here!...The woman answering the phone tells you to email them...12 vague emails later  and after being told they dont do verbal and that i should read the manual....i decided to send it back...In fairness...TMR did refund my return( after about a week )having received it and explained they were short on people?....They had given me a positive feedback  but after returning the unit i gave them a neutral which they had removed...Thats not a problem with me other than  i wasnt even asked about my experience,,,i was told after pursuing an answer,TMR has a good reputation.....Again in fairness,i asked audiogone to erase the positive TMR gave me  and totally dissolve the transaction....Customer service thru email ,although they always on the surface acted cordially, wasnt acceptable for me,,,It is my belief ,ahandful of 100% rated sellers get it by softening up buyers with immediate glowing feedback and hope no one complains ..On this site...many buyers dont even send in  a warranty card on new products bought..or go out their way to complain. I myself cant afford to throw money away !
I have been doing business with TMR for four years, and have never had a problem.  I have purchased equipment, sold stuff on consignment and traded a few items, all without a hitch.  I am somewhat local to them, so I usually pick up or deliver gear thus avoiding shipping costs.  Great company, no complaints, and I have never had any communication problems.  Highly recommended.