The most unique style speakers that sound good?

Wondering which speakers you first seen that is so unique in styling and you say to yourself "no way that will sound any good" but when you listen to them it was amazing.I like to start off with the Gallo References.When I seen them I thought these cannot sound any good,the design was so off the board that my views of speakers were boxy or flat.I was truly surprised they sound wonderful!!!..
For unique styling - look at the Scaena loudspeakers.
I picked up a pair of Dahlquist DQ10's at an estate sale.
I did not need them as I was very happy with my Triangles.
They had bad surrounds but I hooked them up anyway.
I could not believe what I was hearing from these strangly
designed speakers.
I liked them so much that I went to the exspense of having the
woofers repaired,replaced all of the caps in the crossovers, and rewired them.The Triangles went to the back room.
A friend liked them and also picked up a pair.
He took rebuiling the crossovers to another level.
He all new crossovers using the best parts available.
His 300b tube amps woild not handle them. He sold them to me
I replaced all of the drivers with Danish replacements.
I had the woofers compleatly rebuilt.
I am pushing them with a pair of DMA90 Spectrals.
I would not trade my system for anything.
MBL speakers. If you haven't heard them, make every effort to do so. When properly set up they are amazing. They prove that unique designs should not be discounted, just for the sake of being different.


Sorry guys, my DQ-10s and custom stands were stolen in 1992. I still break up when I think of them.
edgarhorns with seismic subs.
jadis eurythmies
avantgarde trios and avantgarde basshorns.
Magnaplanars. We're used to them now but do they really look like they could play music and sound good doing it?
Jadis Eurhythmies, hands down.
How about the Cabasse "La Sphere"?:
Oldie but goodie:

Ohm F

With the grille covers off your eyes have a difficult time believing your ears.
nOrh of course....
those electron-luv speakers are something else!!!

Yes, that's PVC or ABS plumbing pipe acting as a damped transmission line with a 40dB return loss...
I'm a big fan of what Josh Stippich does with materials and creativity in speaker design. No question that his is of the most unique designs out there. But I'd look at Electronluv speakers, and fully expect them to sound outstanding. You just don't put that kind of passion and very evident investment into the design and manufacture of something without having some kind of positive results evident. If you asked me what I was surprised would make the kinds of sounds they do, I'd look more to something far more boring and utilitarian for the answer to the question posed as I understood it. The first things that come to my mind are Klipsch Heritage or know, just the plain old white-bread box-speaker with no frills. I'd look at those speakers and not expect much at all out of them. Certainly nothing like the sounds either are capable of. I suppose more gimmicky applications of industrial design, would have me second-guessing like the spherical speakers already mentioned. But Electronluv is anything but gimmicky. Although they look like something straight out of Dr. Seuss, I would certainly expect they'd sound great when properly paired off with suitable electronics. A while back someone posted some really outrageous Japanese designs, one of which looked like a robot - that's going too far, and would occur to me like gimmick for gimmick's sake, rather than a heartfelt expression, like Stippich's creations. I'm realizing in stating that, that I'm probably coming from a very personal bias, but, nevertheless I don't think I doubt the Electronluv stuff on first sight.

marco: fair point in the electronluv speakers. although i have never heard them, i have no doubt that they are not gimmicky. i bet they sound incredible. according to the EL website, it looks like Mr Stippich may be out of the game for the time being. i hope not for long.