The most transparent speaker cable

Gentlemen, I've been trying already for three cables in my system and none has all of the qualities I'm looking for in one. Can anyone recommend me the speaker cable which will be the most transparent with best detailing, not harsh and not muddy with the deepest bass and beautiful transients?

I've tried Revelation Audio Labs, Oyaide FF-20 V2 and Russian noname solid core AC in-wall cable. Today I'm gonna test the AR solid core but I doubt it will win. What I like in solid core cables is that they giving me the best and coherent bass I heard but at a price of the transparency. Of all three, the most transparent however was the Russian noname solid core AC in-wall cable but it lacks the bass slam and finesse.
Some recommend me to try as a speaker cable the Mundorf MConnect Metallfolie...
Definitely the Omega Micro and Nordost should be on the list if it's transparency you're looking for.
I’m surprised there has been no discussion in this thread of bi-wiring. If the OP has speakers that can be bi-wired, then that opens up a lot of possibilities. If it is true that heavier gauge tends to lose transparency, then perhaps a different, smaller gauge cable would be in order on the top end. This is my current setup(bi-wireable speakers), and I’m looking to improve my speaker cabling.
If you can, try to audition the JPS Labs Superconductor 3. Clarity, transparency, balance. Nothing irritating or excessive. I don’t have to say any more.
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