The most revealing redbook/dsd player under 10k?

I am looking for the most revealing CD/SACD player that cost up to a 10k budget. Due to the complexity of some of the music I listen to, a less revealing player would losing detail on 1 or 2 instruments during the most congested section of allegro concertos; or unable distinguish the minor, or the split second effects that were applied during a piece of electronic music.

I have heard
Emm lab CDSD/DCC2 combo
dCS Verdi/Elgar
Esoteric UX-3

In the above the dCS seemed to be the most revealing to me, but I could be wrong because they were different systems...Emm wasn’t even in the US.

I am looking to purchase a player that’s the most revealing and build my system around that principle. Please give me some recommendation for which to audition, thanks.
Greetings, I would add Musical Fidelity's top of the line players to your short list...Happy listening
Unyieldingly analytical
Shamelessly revealing
Cleanest separation (especially in bass)

It could be dry
It could be cold
try the meridian 808 reference player. It is the best I have heard to date including the ones you mentioned above and numerous others
I will listen to the ones mentioned above.

I have just heard DV-60 in both regular and up sampling mode.
Three player had upsampling: EMM, dCS and now Esoteric; I always preferred to listen to those in upsampling mode, in which they always had more separation between the instruments thus sounding more "open", that really helps me to keep tracks of all the instrument in a section when they all play simultaneously.

Does something like that exists? A player that can delivery enough seperation for all 7,8 instruments to sound clearly at the same time.
Does something like that exists? A player that can delivery enough seperation for all 7,8 instruments to sound clearly at the same time.
If the rest of your system allows it to, yes. If it's revealing, unyieldingly analytical you're looking for, you might get better results with suggestions for an entire system, rather than just the CD player. Because even the most revealing CD player will be censored by speakers that are not so...and most aren't, IMO.

As for CD player, I think these fit your description:
EMM Labs

The rest of the chain should follow in kind, if that's the sound you're wanting. If you decide you want such input, please tell us the size of the room, music preferences, full range/monitors, SS or tubes, access to dealers for auditions, etc.
Yes, Boa, you are right. I do need an entire system that’s analytical/revealing. I am in market for a compatible preamp, most likely a SS, and a specific brand of XLR cables that are equally shameless.

Since I got rid of my last set up, Avalon acoustic/Jadis - which was not the type of analytical system I enjoy, I bought two pairs of Adam professional Audio speakers self powered. I am driving them with nothing good, but I am still much happier then I was before.

And S1A

These speakers were quite revealing to my ears, I am pretty happy with them. A couple of dealers suggested that I was really looking for “studio sound”…which could be true; I am a “retired” musician.

I listen to my music in a 16x20 room with 20ft ceiling, it’s untreated, and the volume I listen to my music is embarrassingly low. I placed the speaker about a 1.5 ft from the wall and 4 ft apart (between the tweeters). I usually sit about 4-5 ft away from the speakers…near field listening.

The music I am concerned/enjoy the most are concertos (mostly piano) and symphonies, most of my collection are fast and well-organized-yet-congested pieces.

My budget is 15k for the source and preamp.
I live near playa del rey so I have access to all the LA dealers.
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Considered a Cary Audio CD-306? It has been very well reviewed. I have not been able to compare mine with equivalent high-end CDP's apart from the Musical Fidelity kW. The Cary yields more detail and sounds more dynamic, but the MF sounds sweeter. That's on SACD.

If you are going to listen to RBCD only, I would recommend the Consonance Droplet. Half the price of the Cary, and has the Cary's measure in dynamics and imaging. Bass is more authoritative on the Droplet but can sound bloomy on the wrong tracks. If styling is important to you, IMO the Droplet kills the Cary for looks.

The other contender (which I have not had a chance to listen to) would be the Accuphase DP-78.
Following your last post, Trackmango, I'd ditto Tvad's recommendation of the APL NWO2. Source and preamp in one. I heard the previous iteration (NW01) play some Rachmaninov, and was overjoyed to actually hear each instrument remain distinct from the others, no matter how complex the music was. Not a hint of compression, or the blurring of one instrument into another, the player maintained a precise orchestration over the music itself in a way I've not heard in any other system.

Best of luck!
Tvad, where can I hear these New world order player? At CES maybe?

I was not able to find much information on these NWO players on APL's website ( I assume). What are the differences between NWO1, 2, 2,5?
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There may be an owner in the LA area, but I'm not certain. I used to own an APL Denon 3910, but I have since sold it for financial reasons.
According to APL, there will soon be an LA-area owner willing to audition the NWO-2.5. I'm sure APL can give you more details.
i think you may be able to satisfy your desire for resolution with silver cable, without necessarily changing your digital source. beware of what you wish, for you may get it. then what ?
>>i think you may be able to satisfy your desire for resolution with silver cable<<

Or not.