The Most Philosophical Song You Ever Heard

This may be a little too deeply personal for some, so reader discretion is advised. Don't know the reason, stayed here all season. Nothing to show but this brand new tattoo. But it's a real beauty, a Mexican cutie. How it got here I haven't a clue.
Blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pop top, cut my heel had to cruise on back home. But there's booze in the blender and soon it will render that frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

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sunday paper on a saturday night 
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Alber Collins- "I aint't drunk" , I'm just drinkin.

Indigo girls "Closer to Fine"
The Grateful Dead:  "Ripple" and "Box of Rain" have eternity shining through them.
The Bloody Violation of Mickey Mouse's Virginity on 59th Street         Bedtime For Bonzo