The most overlooked album

The mere mention of the artist's name may bring into question my very sanity. However, Mandy Moore's "Amanda Leigh" album is a tour-de-force of songwriting, production, arranging and yes, vocals. Each song stands out as a gem. I have listened to it countless times and seem to always find something new that captures my attention. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Put away your pre-conceptions and be see if you don't agree. You can thank me here.
Just ran through a few tunes on it . . . NOT thanking you.
Who??? I don't be seein' me agreein'. Sorry.
No preconceptions here, since I never heard of her.
I have the cd as well and it is the best thing she has ever done.
Vince's hot girlfriend from Entourage, right? If she can sing, too, I'll be pissed. Hot AND talented just isn't right!


Will check it out, though.
total fox has done a few movies but can not sing

And she's married to Ryan Adams. I haven't heard the album, but that relationship might yield benefits in the songwriting department, at the least.
Oh, and I nominate Jonathan Wilson's Gentle Spirit. I love this album, which seems to have gotten very little attention.
Saying its the best an individual has ever done isn't really saying anything to those who don;t know the other works. But what do I know? Its Friday afternoon and I am smiling.
I love Ryan Adams. I do NOT love his wife. Sorry Jeff 1951 :(
Sorry, doesn't work at all for me either.
I pulled up some of her YouTube music videos. I played them for me and my wife. If I hadn't quickly turned them off, I'd be divorced today.