THE Most MUSICAL Preamp?

Okay list your favorites
of all time...the marantz 7...dozens's of others too vintage and new, but like the highlander movies 'there can be only one'.
My Herron VTSP-1A, as well as my former Air Tight ATC-1, and my former Supratek Syrah. All fantastically musical and transparent, with great life and also fantastic frequency extension. Also the Herron is the quietest tubed preamp I've ever heard. Hope that helps you.
Another vote for the Supratek.
Audio Note. DeHavilland Mercury 2.
What is MUSICAL?
ARC Ref 3 gets my vote
I agree with Jond. I chose my Herron VTSP-1A/166 over the Conrad-Johnson Premier 17 LS2. In fact it wasn't even a contest, I thought. It's much better than my old Krell KRC-3 and Musical Fidelity A308cr, and those aren't slouchs by any means.
Burmester 808
The Hovland 100, spectacularly musical!
Audible Illusions 3A ditto!
I'm currently using a Kondo KSL Silver M7 mark II and if it's anything, it's MUSICAL
Berning TF-10 in my experience.
No pre at all!
Any pre will add something to the music which is not on the medium, right?
That's why I don't use my 808 anymore.
MBL 6010D
I haven't heard the most recent models.I can only relate to my past experiences.The CAT MK3 was incredible indeed for musicality.I have not seen very many of these for sale used.It must be a real keeper.Also the older ARC SP-11 was a real breakthrough product.
darTZeel NHB-18NS pre-amplifier
Gryphon Elektra, Metakas oppulence (have had)
First Sound, CAT (like to have)

Currently??. I have NO preamp!

c-j pre-amps using ART technology!