The Most Musical Class A/B Power Amplifier??

Although I would rather have a used Mark Levinson, Pass Labs or Krell driving my new Maggies 1.6's I don't think it can happen. At my age I've got to think ahead to if/when one of these heavy monster amps will need repairs. Plus buying used, the likelyhood is that at minimum there will be capacitors that need to be replaced. I don't treasure having to pack up and ship one of these heavy amps for repairs. I don't think my back can take it.

So, my new focus is to find a class A/B 150 to 250 watt (8 ohms/double at 4 ohms) power amp that is musical with depth, produce voices and choral music well, has plenty of detail, is tube like, weighs less than 100LBS and can produce a wide sound field. I would also be interested in info regarding a pre-amp that would work well with the power amp in the most supportive and musical way. I am mostly analog but I do have a great CD player and many CD's. However 90% of the time I will play records and "Tape Project" reel to reel tapes. Thank you so much in advance for all of your great comments. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
Belles 150A Reference or 350A Reference are quite good.

Parasound Halo A21 is an excellent amp. It meets your requirements and the price is right.
I've had good results with my Aesthetix Calypso preamp and the Parasound Halo A21. They work well together.
I have had a Belles Ref. 150A for a few years now and it has been great. I am currently auditioning the Belles Ref.350A and it is even better, more musical, delicate, detailed. I really like it. I have looked at the Pass 250.5 and Sim audio but the size turns me off. I am going to try a VTL 150 this weekend. I have spoken to some people who are very familiar with Belles and the new statement SA-100 is supposed to be nicer than the Ref. 150A. Just some options. PS, my system has gone through some changes, speakers are now Verity Audio Encore, speaker wire Nordost Frey 2m and CDP is the Naim CDX2. Shopping spree.
When I have heard the Belles/Power Modules,I have always enjoyed them.Find a dealer or contact Belles himself.My X-employer is now their rep (Hello Bruce).
The TAD Hibachis are very good, noticeably warm in tonal balance (for SS amps), meet your power requirements and are inexpensive, to boot. Worth checking out.

i too own a magnepan speaker. i find that solid state amplifiers can get a bit intense and may magnify inbalnces in frequency response on many recordings.

why have you given up on tube amps ?

i also have heard some class a amps which are not boat anchors. no, they are 250 watts class a, more like 50 watts, class a. you might consider them.
I listen exclusively to classical (really into Bach and Schutz choral works!}and have the 1.6QR's. I have recently purchased a pair of Cary 500MB's which really seem to me to be ideal with the Maggies. Very sweet and are extremely good in depth of image. These amps really present solists forward, with the chorus behind and elevated. Amazing! I would rate lateral imaging as average. Class AB, about 50lbs each. 1000 watts/channel into 4 Ohms. I'm not doing vinyl currently, so I can't help you on the preamp.
cj ss amps are very musical especially when combined with one of their tubed pre-amps.
Thank you for providing such great information and advice. I treasure your response. I will certainly begin to take a hard look at each amplifier. Werever possible, I will try to listen to each one for the sound I am looking for. Again, thank you so much for your precious time.
The Belles certainly deserve an audition, but I think you must also add Ayre to your list in that power range.
Why all the power? I use 3.6R maggies and can get by with a 75 watt tube amp for about 95% of my listening. Sources are vinyl and CD/SACD. I would suggest you spend a few sessions with one of those Radio Shack SPL meters to get a good idea as to how loud you listen. If it is less than 95db, 50 to 75 watts may be all you need. Sure, if you decide that you gotta have that last 5% loudness, then get a cheap class D pro amp for the party times. Email me if more questions.
I second Cary 500MB monos - I have owned a pair in the past, and they were trully spectacular driving Auiostatic electrostatic speakers. Dynamic, articulate, unlimited reserves of clean, undistorted power, with excellent stage depth. Do not heat up the room like Krell or Pass offerings.
There's a Karan KA S-180 for sale right now on Audiogon that will do everything that you want it to do.

bryston 4b st, aragon 8008bb, bat vk-200, classe ca-201, you cant go wrong with any of these pricing ranges from 900 to 1500.

An upgraded to Platinum status McCormack DNA-125 will be pretty darn good. Only rated at 125wpc, but with that Piltron transformer, tons of current and could drive the Maggies very well. Mine is the same w/o the Piltron, and boy does it sound good for what the upgrades and used unit cost.

I also second the Karan! A little pricey, one of the best amps though.
Thanks to everyone who responed to my request for information and suggestions.

I would look at Odyssey amps and talk with klaus;he can also set biasing more into class A on his amps as well;also
they have a 20 year transferrable warranty a nice reselling
I also vote to audition the belles and mccormack amps.