The most important sources need for a loudspeaker

Hi all,

I have a loudspeaker like 600 Watts, like Mcintosh LS 360.
I would like to see what everyone believes in.

The question is what are the most important sources needed for a loudspeakers.

1. Power Amp ( I know this is one of the most important)
2. Pre Amp
3. CD Player
4. Speaker Cables
5. power

thanks you for reading!
cd player > pre amp > amp > cables
Like with all good recipes all the ingredients are essential- as with memorable meals. The right people, the right atmosphere, all play a part. It is not so much about what is most important as about what has been distinquished as having played a valuable part in the whole. it comes from experience, and is as individual as experience is. I am inclined to say it is the source-cd player, turntable, tuner, etc. But, in fact, the most important change occurred in my system with the introduction a relatively inexpensive pair of interconnects.This made sense of the rest.
1. The room
2. CD/ TT
3. Pre amp
4. Amp
5. Cables