The most holographic Power Cord

Thanks for your interest in my topic.

As we know, different cables can have a different effect on the sound space. And now I would like to know a power cord with the most large, holographic and open soundstage.

The first candidates from me:
Synergistic Research with tungsten conductors
Crystal Clear Audio
Elrod Power Systems
The most holographic power cord is NO power cord. I switched to all battery power (portable cassette and portable CD player) last month and never looked back. I'm out there and loving it.
Shunyata's brand new Sigma ought to be on your list.
Elrod Statement Gold (latest gen), MBX2 and Diamond should be on the list.
The Tara labs Cobalt, and The new Tara labs Cobalt Referance, Tara labs Evolution, and the top model, Tara labs Grandmaster.
Somehow I knew Taralabs would rear its rhetorical head...
@Geoffkait... Why bother
Has anyone heard the Coconut Audio power cable? $3,400/3 meters. From their website:

After 11 years of research and experimentation we have created the ultimate power cable. It gives the best size/performance ratio which gives high performance while being flexible and easier to install compared to our older models.

It has our thickest 4-layer silver wiring, the same as our Hanger has. This gives strong and textured bass with greater high frequency detail. This silver makes it sound ultra pure and clean without the grainy distortion you get from copper cables, this results in a large and spacious soundstage that sounds dreamy but also very detailed due to the crystal formula that cleans the sound. These crystals are directly touching the silver conductors to give the highest performance possible.

They also have a limited edition silver-based cord:

"The silver version has a more fresh and naked sound with greater microdetail, depth, resolution, silkiness and speed in a blacker background with greater 3 dimensionality." There you go: 3D.

Big shout out also for their brilliant USB cable.
Ideally, the correct ratio is one ought to spend twice as much on the power cord as the piece of equipment itself.
Erikminer wrote,

"Why bother?"

Try Stealth V12 wonderful on my amp and preamp also V10 on turntable power supply.
You would have to try them all multiple times which would take years to know so good luck!

For noise isolation in line level gear I can recommend the Pangea ac14 as a well built product for modest cost (especially at sale prices) that delivered results as advertised in my case.
I just purchased a Triode Wire labs digital cord for my DAC. Music is sounding very holographic and the bass quality has been much improved. Pete offers a 30 home audition. Nothing whatsoever to lose.
I love cables that have a 'light and airy' quality without sacrificing base weight and authority. Audio Magic cables have gotten it done for my applications.
Elrod Gold Statement and up and Stage 111 Triton and Kraken. I have heard them both with lots of others and these two win hands down.
Tara Labs just introduced some new power cord's to their line-up, The new cobalt Reference, The Evolution power cord, and the new flagship, The Grandmaster power cord, if any one can go and listen to these cord's, give some feed back on them.
If you find a "holographic power cord", make sure you nominate the designer for a Nobel prize since they can defy physics.

In fact, all of you spending thousands on these miraculous power cords should do the same for your respective manufacturers.

Once Nobel looks into it, I'm sure the only award they win will be related to marketing prowess.

In my 20+ years as an audiophile, almost every person's system I've heard that spent thousands on a power cord sounded like crap. They are foolishly conned into thinking that a power cord will fix poor choices in gear.

Cabling can make a difference, but it usually only evidences itself if you are starting with poor quality wire/connectors or using mismatched gear over long runs. A power cord is even more dubious since no signal runs through it and any LEGITIMATE improvement would likely be indicative of a poorly designed component more than the cable itself.

Expecting to get "holographic sound" from a power cable is sheer folly (as long as we're talking in the real world of physics...not audiophile delusion).

In dealerships or at shows that sounded good and included systems with thousand dollar power cords, I've often asked them if thousand dollar power cords were necessary to get that level of performance from their gear.

Some will quickly offer to exchange out the expensive cords to show the performance of their equipment is identical.

Others give you a smirk and wink acknowledging that the industry is polluted with just as much marketing scam as legitimate engineering.

I know you clowns will parse every word of my comment and come back with countless retorts of how your system defies physics and thousand dollar power cords are worth it, so carry on. You are welcome to use my post as an excuse for self affirmation.

All I can say in reply to people so delusional is "good luck in your search".
The Mad Scientist "Neo" power cord.
"If you find a "holographic power cord", make sure you nominate the designer for a Nobel prize since they can defy physics."

I'm actually looking for a power cord that can address audio quality through adjustment of the 4th dimension. One can easily imagine some cable company cribbing the paragraph following Wikipedia to try to hawk cables correcting in one meter all of the supposed sins attendant to 1,000 miles of power grid system:

In physics, spacetime (also space–time, space time or space–time continuum) is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interwoven continuum. The spacetime of our universe is usually interpreted from a Euclidean space perspective, which regards space as consisting of three dimensions, and time as consisting of one dimension, the "fourth dimension". By combining space and time into a single manifold called Minkowski space, physicists have significantly simplified a large number of physical theories, as well as described in a more uniform way the workings of the universe at both the supergalactic and subatomic levels.

The PR copy would read:

Our Neoteric Space-Time Continuum line of cryogenically-treated cables adds a fourth dimension of holographic imaging. By combining space and time into a single manifold called Minkowski space with rare 8Ns Albanian silver and carbon-imbued plant extract (which some people called "newspaper,") our researchers partnering with physicists and others from the Irwin Corey Institute have significantly simplified a large number of physical theories, as well as described in a more uniform way the workings of the dielectic cable theory at both the atomic and subatomic levels.
Really, e-mail me and come listen to my system, you will never be the same.
I am very glad that although once I did not really believe in the power cords I just bought some and experimented a little.
And yes, every different combination sounded somewhat different. Not always positive, it even took me a few tries to really make my system really benefit.
For instance, some cables bring out more of the body in details, others the opposite and made the etches of details more accentuated.
The last type the OP maybe describes as more holographic because of the extra detail coming through thus making the system dissapear more?
And no, it is not the power cable making a sound, it is the component sounding a little different because of a different cord.
You only talk of others systems in your 20+ years experience with power cables that did not make it good,
which tells me you haven't tried in your system.
What does 20+ years of experience mean on this subject if that is the case?
Please do, it is welll worth the effort!
Barto...your statement pretty much wraps up the delusion...

"20+ years experience with power cables that did not make it good, which tells me you haven't tried in your system"

How on earth would me telling you that they made no difference in 20+ years of experience mean that I had no experience with them? LOL

Look, if you hear a difference and think it's worth it, then more power to you.

What I find ironic is that you mentioned it working for you yet you mentioned no specifics?!?

Why not tell us exactly what gear you bought that needed a $1000+ power cord? Don't want to name didn't even tell us what specific power cord on what type of equipment? Who wouldn't share these specifics if you TRULY believed what you are claiming?

Think about how silly your post shared ZERO specifics, but claim to be an authority now.

Imagine someone posting a question about treatment for cancer on a medical forum...Here is exactly what your comment would look like....

"Well, I used to think eating Mexican food wouldn't cure my cancer, but after trying some and the cancer getting worse, I finally found some that worked and cured my cancer" (no further details about what specific mexican food or how it cured the cancer)

What's even more ironic is that the OP asked for suggestions and EVERY SINGLE PERSON responded with different answers...what a surprise...Not one agreement on "the most holographic power cord"...Which one of you is right?

On top of that, none of these recommendations come from people who even bothered to ask what equipment you were going to use the power cord with. Even the biggest snake oil cable makers at least attempt to use different gauge wire for certain amps versus dacs...etc.

Sorry to say this, but any rational and experienced audiophile would just laugh at this thread. It's the epitome of the blind leading the blind.
In started to test powercords in 2002, and mannn they make a hige difference. But......they all create a different kind of stage. A powercable can create a wide and deep stage, but you still need a sharp individual focus within this stage.

For example; during a show the distributor used Shunyata powercables. Jacintha her head was over 3 metres wide. So I asked ( those F. idiots) if Jacintha has a big water head?

When you are not aware of the properties of a powercable and you are not aware how big instruments and voices are in real. You don't know which cable will fitt the best in your set.

It doens't mean you cannot use Shunyata powercables in your set. But you need other tools to create the right proportion of instruments and voices. So you will get the intimate individual focus you need for the right balance in your set.
I love Purist Audio powercables because they not only can create a wide and deep stage. But withing this stage instruments and voices are very sharp focussed and have the right proportion. In this part they are superior compared to Shunyata. Which powercables I don't find good enough to sell to my clients.

The level of black is also superior to many other powercables when you compare Purist powercables to others.

What I do is letting people hear what a realistic and sharp individual focus does with your emotion. You can see it on the faces of people. They get a big smile on theeir face because they are aware of what it does to your emotion.

I hate every system when instruments and voices are too big in proportion. I advice these people to start auditioning intimate acoustic concerts. It did change my perspective about audio and music dramaticly!
Every single powercord has his own properties. But it also
depends of the properties of your speakers, amp, source,
conditioner etc.

You will never get a deep and wide stage if you use spakers
which do not have crossovers who can build it. Most speakers
in audio shops cannot create a lot of depth. A powercable
will not change this.

When an amp, source and speaker is owning a deep and wide
stage a powercable who also can give this can make it deeper
and wider.

I always ask a very simple question to clients and also to
distributors. Do you know all different properties of each
individual tool you use in your set. In almost all situations
I get the same answer: I don't!

Then it is a lot more complicated to understand how your stage
is buing build. They change one tool for another and hope it
will bring them what they are looking for.

When you are aware of the properties of each individual tool
audio will become a lot better to control and understand. This
way you always get a better endresult.

The endresult says it all. That is why the best and most
convincing sound always will win in audio. That is what I love
most in audio.....period!!
Craig Hampel of CH Acoustic makes the X-20 power cord which is very good. I also agree that the Stealth or PAD or Elrod brand and Stage 111 Triton and Kraken are also winners. A lot depends on your budget. If you need to spend less look at the Mad Scientist "Neo" power cord as Ozzy mentioned or the top of the line Triode Wire labs as Bander mentioned.
The best sound is with no power cord, they're all bad, if for no other reason that they generate (induced) magnetic fields, relatively speaking, of course. Battery power rules!
12-30-14: Labtec
I know you clowns will parse every word of my comment and come back with countless retorts of how your system defies physics and thousand dollar power cords are worth it, so carry on. You are welcome to use my post as an excuse for self affirmation.

All I can say in reply to people so delusional is "good luck in your search".
Labtek, firstly I find your closing statement above ironic in that you are inviting the very reaction that would allow you to discredit those who might advocate the benefits of a high priced power cable (being $1k or above by your comments).

Secondly, you seem to be speaking from a position of ignorance. Your system is not really a high end audio system, yet you are discussing the merits of high end power cables when your best source is a computer feeding off a $3k dac. I own a system which is resolving enough to allow me to evaluate even subtle differences between cables and sources (Magico S5's, Vitus SIA-025, Jorma Prime/Statement cables, Gigawatt PC-3 SE Evo, Stillpoints, Taoc etc), and I just ordered a Vitus SCD-025 which is almost 10 times the price of your dac.

I agree there is a lot of marketing bs in the high end cable only have to read some of shameless advertisements on here to see that. But there are also many good value cables above $1k imho. The problem is, show conditions are usually sub-optimal to demonstrate the differences between cables, and many audiophiles throw expensive power cables into systems without understanding the properties of each individual "tool" in their set & end up getting the synergy wrong.

I started out with $60 mtr Audioquest cable before upgrading to Acoustic Revive cables, then through the family of Jorma cables including Unity, Origo, Prime and Statement. At each stage on the journey, i've kept my system balanced and taken the time to evaluate the differences between the above cables which has been a very enjoyable process. For example, I was easily able to hear the improvement in sound swapping out my Acoustic Revive Power Reference pc ($1700) with a Jorma Prime pc ($5k), and that was connected to my Oppo dvd player!

I'm just suggesting you should keep an open mind.
Audio is not abot what it cost, but all about what it brings
in quality.

When I became aware of the influence of powercables, I started
to do blind tests. This is the most convincing way to sell
them and make people want them to buy.

A few examples: source/amp of 2000 euro with a powercable of
2600 euro against source/amp of 5000 euro with a 100 euro

It was easier to create a higher endresult with the 2000 euro
amp and source with an expensive powercable than with a 5000
euro amp/source with a 100 europowercabel.

Most people thought they would prefer the other option.

This year we test a Wadia 7Si with a heavensgate powercable of
2000 euro against a Purist Audio Design Limited Edition. The
owner of the Heavensgate agreed that with the Limited Edition
it more than doubled in quality compared to the Wadia with the
Heavensgate. It was stunninh how much more dynamic and layers
you could hear. How superior the blacks were. And instruments
and voices became fully physical. And how much more details
there were.

Audio is all about comparing and testing!
Forget about power cords.
Just try the Fusion Audio Romance IC1 (pure copper version only, not the gold-copper IC2 one). Just a pair, anywhere in the system, will suffice. And be prepared - you are in for a shock: you'll think the sound is coming from the walls, or the roof or from behind the listening position. I've never experienced such a huge, holographic soundtage.

give us an update, did you buy a pc? Of the excellent suggestions here, did you demo any of these pc(s) ?

Keep me posted & happy listening!
Happy New Year.
Labtec, what I meant was, you only spoke about experiencing the mentioned power cables in other ones systems and not in your own. I therefore concluded maybe never in your system since you do not speak about that?
It was not meant to be offensive man, cheer up.
Most of my post was about my experience with them in general, up until not very long ago most cables I used worked better with some gear than others.
At the moment I only use HiDiamond power cables, and they SEEM like a pretty much neutral upgrade without emphasising or exaggerating something but enlarging soundstage, improving blacks, detail and definition.
But I did not think you would be interested in any more info on the matter, because as you up front stated about our delusional problems that "us clowns" have, we will tell you anything to affirm ourself.
If gear is good, it does not mean it will not sound better with a quality matching power cord.
That's the main perspective we differ in I think.
No, Jafant, I still choosing between Stage III Vortex Prime, Crystal Clear Magnum Opus and Argento or Organic AudioS. But actually I can choose something else if it will be guaranteed better than these. Think, $700-$1300 is my budget for this purchase. I should also clarify the next: despite that I started thread without specifying of any concrete component, actually I'm looking for a more or less universal and neutral power cord for various DIGITAL SOURCES.