The most fun you can have in audio is DIYing your own speakers

You don't have to make the best speakers on earth, or most expensive, and you don't have to become an expert in the tech, but in all my years in audio, I have to say DIY is the most fun and educational. For me, speaker building was a lot more fun than electronics (amps, pre's etc.) 

Lots of great sources for complete kits as well as paper-only designs. Speaker building is also a great thing to do with your kids. I highly recommend it.


Agreed with OP. I once did it. It was fun and I could learn a lot in the process. Here is my DIY speakers, except for the cabinets which were old speakers.

I was happy with my DIY speakers, so I wanted to build a really nice pair. But after sometimes considering my wood work skills and the fund that was needed to get the tools, I had to give up.

Since seeing this post and suggestions on the cabinet makers, I start thinking again about making a pair. It should be fun.
Troels Gravesens website went to the favorites list, very good thread here, knowledgeable, experienced posters.

Between this and the Pro-Amp thread I’m researching useful info.

I am a hobby speaker builder. And I can say to how fun it can but, but it can also be frustrating. Also, it does take some equipment if you are starting from scratch. But I do think if more speaker buyers built at least a pre-built kit, they might appreciate what it takes to build a speaker.

It can be rewarding. My latest build is a small set that could be rebuilt for around $50. Of course, that does not discount need a table saw router, etc.. And IMHO best many of the speaker sold at big box stores costing a lot more. How good they would fair in the audiophile world with the well-known speakers. I have for sure heard more well-known speakers spoken of on audiogon that sound better. I profess to be no expert but do enjoy tinkering. And if it breaks? I can fix it.
Here is a pair speakers I have been Interested in for awhile now, whilst not perhaps fully a diy job as all the hard work has been done. Besides I am crap at Math and can't cut straight for toffee. I knew there was a reason for my purchase of 9 piece De Walt set, just haven't found it yet, lol.

Hey JohnK- I've still got the oris's with no desire to part with !!!