The MoFi Mess and TAS rolling over for them

Totally disgusted with TAS opinions on the mofi mess. They're basically saying it was okay to dupe us.  Jonathan Valin actually says as long as it sounds good...

What a sell out to the audiophile community.  TAS is nothing but a glorified product catalogue for their advertisers.  



Gave up my subs to TAS and Stereophile a few years back. Too much BS. The Mofi mess? Could care less. Fermer and all the so-called experts? Could care less what they say/think. They don’t have my ears, budget, room, or taste, so it’s irrelevant to me. Never thought Mofis sounded that good…bloated bass, no top end air…only bought a handful over the years. Got a couple that sound ok. Analogue Productions and Music on Vinyl much better to me. Journalism today? What a joke. 

Just maybe the creation of the vinyl record creates pleasing distortions, and maybe the revelation here is that the purported superiority of vinyl over digital is an emperor with no clothes. That’s what my ears tell me, anyway.

@mahler123. I was being polite in not stating the obvious - that the motivation for pressing a digital file into a piece of plastic is profit. There's nothing inherently wrong with a profit motive but passing off a digital product as purely analogue is another thing altogether - literally and metaphorically.