The Mighty Wurlitzer. You want bass?

Another thread asked about organ recordings with good bass. This set me off on a search for Theatre Organ recordings. They aren't common. However I have found a source... Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa Arizona. They have a very large Wurlitzer installed in a specially constructed hall, and they offer a number of CDs made in their facility. Check out

I bought two discs (Red, White, & Blue, and Fanfare) and can recommend them to all who have subwoofers needing exercise. My subwoofer systems, consisting of three 15" and three 12" drivers and 2550 watts of amplifier power were challenged. (I also blew a tweeter fuse in a Maggie 1.6).

The Wurlitzer is a remarkable instrument, quite different from church organs, and uniquely suited to Broadway show tunes, patriotic songs and marches. But one CD also has Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and Schubert's Ave Maria. Nice.

These are stereo CDs, but I found that they respond exceptionally well to multichannel Dolby decoding. Perhaps the mix was done for a DVD release sometime in the future.

Any AGoners in Arizona...please report on the pizza quality. This might be worth a trip.
Fans of organ music (both church and theater) might also be interested in the offerings from the following 3 web sites:

1. American Theater Organ Society:

2. Cinema Organ Society (site in the UK):
(Note: if you click on the link on the "Relevant Links" icon on the right side of the home page, you will find links to a number of other very interesting organ-related sites in Scotland, the U.S., and elsewhere.)

3. Organ Historical Society (which offers a wide range of recordings done with organs across the US and Europe):
I just returned from a trip through the Southwest, and on arrival in Phoenix, next door to Mesa, I paid a visit to the Organ Stop Pizza to check out the real thing.

It is well worth a visit if you are passing through the area. The Pizza is good too.