The midrange is the most important driver.

OK, I don't need you to believe the topic name. Just wanted to start a friendly discussion.

Among full-range, multi-way speakers there are usually at least 3 drivers:

  • Tweeter
  • Mid-range
  • Woofer
The most exorbitant prices are usually in the tweeter, followed by the woofer, then the mid. More or less. When I read discussions that are about tech-brands, it's almost always about the tweeter. Off the shelf prices in high-end speakers can vary from $40/ea. to $500/ea. with top of the line Be and AMT. Hard diamond tweeters are even more expensive. And yeah, I've paid a lot for tweets in my mains. Still, I think maybe all of us have been convinced that the tweeter is where we should spend our largest dollars.

Maybe it is the quality of the mid that determines everything else. It is where the vocals are, and how well it integrates and extends up and down the range determines everything else. From what tweeters you may use, to the dynamic range.

What do you think?


Yes for the best midrange you must cross very low or go with a super tweeter...or no tweeter. Very few tweeters can play low enough. Compression drivers can. 
Kevlar is best material for midrange. 
@czarivey, Fried used a (the?) famous maker's kevlar drivers for while.  Unfortunately, they just didn't sound or measure well.  As Bud spent 1/3 of the year in Europe, he popped over for a visit to the factory in France, and demanded a set of measurements take place in his presence.

You can read between the lines, but the next iteration of the Fried line employed Gefco drivers
My guess would be that the carbon overlaid balsa wood driver in the Vandersteen Model 7 Mk.2 would be very difficult to beat, especially for quickness of response, as midrange drivers go.
From 500 Hz to 2000hz is the actual heart  of the Miidrange .
Low midbass from 250hz, upper midrange - treble all  the way to 4000 kHz
. The Midband without Any doubt is the most Critical part of all music 
Getting this right should be paramount, that is why Harbeth dedicated so much time To his patented mid  driver. One Step better and I feel the best drivers in the world From $2500- $32,000 a pair are the Voxativ wide band drivers .
Sonic purity is paramount in any great Loudspeaker !!