the mccomack dna 750m can run revel salon2 ?

hi!can someone let me know, can the mccomack dna 750 m run for revel salon2? thanks
Yes it should work great.
Who could think that those beasts wouldn't be able to drive anything?
My understanding is you may have just purchased a Sim Audio P5 & PS5. Are you interested in the MC PSP that was part of that system?
The DNA750 Mono amplifier has an output power rating of 650 watts into 8 ohms , 1000 watts per channel into 4 ohms.

If that is not enough power for a pair of revel Salon 2 speakers (or any speaker for that matter).... than the speaker is not worth buying or producing for that matter.
Quantity wise, it is more than enough. Quality wise, you will be the one who can tell.