The Making of a Jazz Audiophile...Interesting Read

I found this in one of my internet searches for all things audio. I think some of you will find this of interest, especially you "old school jazz heads" like me who are deeply into jazz. Great to hear the thoughts of legendary bassist Ron Carter who to my surprise is an audiophile. Click on the link:
Very Interesting. I am always interested in what the pros listen to. I like that they emphasized that you don't have to spend huge sums to get great sound. But of course they are music lovers and not gear heads. Their opinions mean more than those of the magazine reviewers.
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You're welcome....Nice site; here's more:
Thanks for posting this interesting article.I agree with the jazz musicians. Good audio equitment allows more connection and appreciation of the beautiful music they`re able to play.The more musical emotion presented,the better the component.
Foster_9, Reference the site you posted:

After reading Drummond's comment about 'Miles at the Plugged Nickel', I listened to it, and he is right, the drum work on 'So What' is really well recorded. I enjoyed the entire CD. That's why I like the music posts, they remind of all the good stuff you already have. Now I have to get the story on these TETRA speakers. Marsalis has them!
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I feel vindicated, somewhat.

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Lovely article. It's a win/win when musicians understand the beauty/"necessity" of fine domestic systems as part of the ideal music reproduction chain.

Rok2id, I think you misconstrue the comment that one can set up a good sounding rig for not too much money. It was an encouragement for people just entering the hobby to get their feet wet at a lower price point. You did notice, didn't you, Ron Carter's $33K pair of Tetra speakers in the home photo?

$33k!! Good grief! That's equal to 22 pairs of Lsi15's. Us low-fi guys just can't catch a break!
Thanks for the correction.
"Tetra's 606 speakers are among the best I've heard at any price. They are exquisite in their ability to render the "amorous whole" of music's elusive beauty, dignity, and emotional enchantment." Reviewed by Jim Merod

606 loudspeakers
Retail: $33,000 pair

I guess this is why they cost 33k. Maybe they are priced based on the number of adjectives used to describe them. For a moment I thought he was reviewing a fine wine. Any speaker that can bring out the 'dignity' of music, SHOULD cost at least 33k. What if you are playing snoop dog doo doo? Is there a protection shutoff?
You can certainly develop a very good sounding system without spending huge sums of money. Everyone has their personal boundries for budget.Patience,planning and listening will get you a wonderful and enjoyable music playback system.

There`s no requirement for 33K speakers in order to connect more closely with your music collection.I know from past threads on this site you appreciate great jazz musicians as much as I do.The key is to get components that are 'natural' and true to tone,dynamics and musical flow.Higher efficiency speakers with moderate power amps(I`m partial to tube power amps) with good simple circuits is a good place to start.You need to focus on the components that convey and communicate the emotion that music has to offer(especially acoustic jazz).
You are correct of course. I just have to rant and rave every so often. I read a post on another site where the poster said high-end audio is like Icarua, of greek mythology, who flew too close to the sun and his wings of wax melted. Gravity was in effect.:) High-end audio people, buyers and makers, seem to be flying high now, but, ludicrous prices may be their wax wings.

I was reading the latest copy of BBC Music Magazine and on the one page that they dedicate to Jazz, they reviewed some recordings by Jimmy Rushing. Turns out he made a record with Dave Brubeck!! What an unlikely pairing. Blues shouter and cerebral jazz player! Brubeck supposely said it was one of his favorite recordings. Go Figure. I will have to try it. They also highly recommend the book: 'The Jazz Standards: A Guide To The Repertoire'
Thanks to you guys for your comments on high end audio and jazz. I always like to see references to the jazz music genre in connection with the high end among audiophiles. Got some nice jazz cd box sets for Christmas as usual. Hoping to improve my Macbook Pro front end performance in the new year for the better enjoyment of my jazz collection. Happy New Year jazzphiles, music lovers, and philes alike.