The Magnepan line, now and from the past. I am looking for owners experience.

I have owned the 1.6, 3.6 and the 20.  Because of life events I am now using my former bedroom system and looking to get back into one of the current entry level models.  I will be starting with using the Magnum Dynalab receiver, Wireworld Eclipse and Gold Eclipse cables, and Oppo cd player and will eventually upgrade to better amplification.  I am thinking of the LRS or .7, but I am in hopes of hearing some owners experience.  For what it's worth, I listen mainly to more classic Jazz and many female vocals from the fifties to now.  Dinah Washington, Ella, Diana Krall, Julia Fordham etc.

Depending on the room size the larger the Magnepan the better the results.  I had 1.7i and a single cheap sub in a 12 x 15 room and the sound was terrific have since graduated to 3.7i with 2 subs and there is more of everything, instrument placement and definition are on the mark as is the soundstage.
If you can get out there and listen. Maggie's are truly great.
I have experience with MMGs, .7s, 1.6, and 3.6.  I sort of think my MMGs sound better than my .7s. The .7s have more detail but just are not as musical. Stereophile thinks the .7s are class C and the LRS are class B. They might be right.
1.7s have come down in price on the used market. I'd buy them or 1.6 before either of the small ones you mention.
Jusam, I would not go lower in the line than the 3.7i. The smaller speakers will do voice at moderate levels OK but they fall short at both extremes. 
mijostyn,  What you say makes sense, I may wait until I am back in a larger listening space............and more money!
@johnto -Are you running your 3.7is in the same 12’x15’ room?
I have LRSs in the same size room and they sound great.
Thought the 1.7s might be a squeeze sonically.

How are your Maggies placed in the room?

Would love to get your impressions of the 2 different Maggies you used in that room!

Congrats on your 3.7is!
Yes the 3.7i speakers are in the 12 x 15 room.
I have them about 18" from the slide wall toed in tweeter 28" and mid bass side 36" from wall behind them. I bought from John at Audio Connection and was afraid they would be to large but he told me they would be fine and I’m glad I listened the sound is just spectacular.
The 1.7 was also great but these just give you so much more definition and instrument placement in the soundstage.
@johnto - That's encouraging to know! I got the LRS to experience a panel speaker.  Never had a chance to audition them but it's been a year and a half and I really like them. 
Got me really curious about the larger models.

I responded to your PM. Thank you!