The magic of outdoor listening

I tend to keep one system I can pull outdoors when I am in the mood the freedom from room colorations is an amazing thing. Being outside listening to a great system playing wonderful music is magic. I have a bike race by my home and if the weather is nice many times I'm out jamming I have had large groups of cyclists stop 50 yards from my home to enjoy my music. Last year I has using a giant pair of RCA front horns with a full range in it this year going with a community leviathan system with radial. I pull out a tube amp when I jam outside. When I retire I plan on putting out a permanent outdoor horn system so it is ready to go when I am. Sitting still seated centered in a room all alone is enjoyable at times but also kind of tragic I am happy I have options. Maybe consider the outdoors as one of your listening spaces.


Living in the AZ desert it's amazing how far sound carries--i can hear someone blasting music over a mile away so i figure they can hear me too--but the OP s right about how good music can sound outdoors where standing waves are gone--the good thing about desert listening is that you can listen at low volumes and still get enough impact to enjoy.  The other benefit---so many old folks in the desert that their hearing is gone--i've accidentally blasted music (ok maybe not accidentally) and asked my immediate neighbors about it the next day and often gotten "never heard a thing"--but i didn't ask everyone within a 1 miles radius...

Don’t know if it’s boomer rock, but I have learned from my neighbors that there apparently is a streaming channel called something like “Top AM Top 40 hits of the early 80’s.”  They have an impressively loud and distorted Bluetooth speaker of some sort.  An earlier post has me fantasizing about the Turtle Box and revenge.

Martin Mull had a great lyric -  “I got so darned upset I threw my drink across the lawn.”  And Joe Walsh - “I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.”  (It may be on the aforementioned channel too)

or something like that


As a former bike racer I can tell you with a certainty that they are as reliable as fruit flies hovering over a piece of rotting durian.