The Magic of Brazilian Music

I don't see it mentioned here often, but I have to say that I just melt for Brazilian music. The interwoven rhythms, the glorious melodies, the heart-wrenching nostalgia, and the mix of American jazz and African music on these astounding artists make for an audiophile's dream.

A few artists who just blow my mind:

Milton Nascimento (Beyond words)
Caetano Veloso (A musical genius)
Gilberto Gil
Jorge Ben
Gal Costa (A voice like honey)
Chico Buarque
Maria Bethania
Tom Ze (more experimental--very creative)
Virginia Rodrigues

Beleza Tropical (Brazil Classics) compiled by David Byrne is a good introduction. But if you're like me, that CD will be only the beginning of the addiction.

If any of you have specific recommendations, I may have missed them, so please list them here.
All the best,
Leila Pinheiro not that traditional, but it's music pleases me very much. Try Catavento e girassol or Na ponta da lingua tracks # 2 and 7 I regularly use for testing purposes.

Sol negro from Virginia Rodrigues is also in my collection

I'll get some Pinheiro. Thank you for the recommendation. I have Sol Negro as well--what a voice!

Listen to some Maria Creuza...
Will do. Thanks, Psychicanimal.

Just heard a bit of Leila Pinheiro today--fantastic!

I'm always surprised that more audiophiles don't listen to Brazilian music. They always have the most incredible musicians, and stellar production.
I picked up some of the following while in Rio. Not sure if it is all available here.

Adriana Calcanhotto "Publico" a very nice live recording of her and her guitar.

Marisa Monte "Verde Anil Amerelo cor de Rosa E Carvao" more well known and readily available. Definitely pop but very well done.

Os Paralamas do Sucesso (The Mudflaps of Success) for some Brazilian pop/rock. I caught a music video on Brazilian MTV and was captivated by the high energy.

You have to include Antonio Carlos Jobim. Gal Costa's "Canta Tom Jobim" may be the perfect collection of what most Americans think of as traditional Brazilian music, i.e "Girl from Ipanema" . Also on DVD video.

Maria Bethania, in the vein of Gal Costa.

Toquinho and Vinicius De Moraes are also in the same camp. I am not familiar with Maria Creuza but see that she collaborates with Vinicius. Do you have specific titles you can recommend of hers?

I also see Pinheiro and especially Milton Nascimento and
Caetano Veloso have recorded quite a few albums. Any specific titles you can recommend to start with?
How about some "Detrito Federal"?
I second the Marisa Monte. Equally if not more so, I suggest the following self-titled CD which can be had on Amazon:

Joao Gilberto [IMPORT]
Original Release Date: February 6, 1991
Label: Polygram Int'l
Catalog: #837589

This one is just Joao, his guitar, and a couple of very close microphones. It's so intimate it sounds like he's in the room with you.

Thanks all for the other suggestions.
Great suggestions. I'm going shopping right now!

Milton & Caetano do each have many albums. Some starting points:

Miltons (Listen to the song Sao Vicente & Weeeeeeep!)
Clube da Esquina

Best of (For a flavor of Veloso)
Tropicalia (with Gilberto Gil)--Will hook you from the first note!

Maria Bethania is Caetano Veloso's sister. I'd like to go to one of their family reunions.

Gal Costa could sing jingles for bathroom cleanser and my heart would still skip a beat.
Where's the Samba guys? I really like many of the above performers but you need a little "heavy Samba" to add to the mix. Might I add for Samba and Pagode the following:

Jorge Aragon (both)
Zeco Pagodinho (Heavy Samba)
Raca Negra - (Pagode)
Beth Carvalho - (both)
Dijavan - I don't know how to classify this music it is so original.
Jovina Perola Negra (Samba)

Also you may want to check out Simone and Marisa Monte "Mais". Another up and coming female artist that I really love is Anna Carolina. There are so many distinctive Brazilian female vocalists, many more that we have here in the states, it seems to me.

So far as Gal Costa and Jorge Aragon go, I saw them both at 2 different shows this past July at Canecao in Rio. Both shows were excellent but the Gal Costa show was just extraordinary, what a performer and singer. If the opportunity EVER presents itself, don't miss out, as she is among the very best female vocalists alive today that I'm aware of. Jorge was great as well with many guest performers during the 2.5 hour show. I had to pay some premium prices for both as they were sold out and the scalpers were in full force but it was well worth it.
If you are into SACD, then try Wilma de Oliveira. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Here's a review.

There are so many distinctive Brazilian female vocalists, many more that we have here in the states, it seems to me.

I don't know about that, Tubegroover. My 10 yr old niece would have to take issue with that statement, as she'd take Hilary Duff over Gal Costa any day!

Do you live in Brazil, or you just go there to see these concerts, and to make other Brazilian music fanatics jealous?

Thanks for all of the recommendations. My wife is a big lover of samba, so I'll get some of those as well.
Boa my wife is Brazilian, we go every few years to visit family and friends. Who's Hilary Duff? Maybe I need to get out more ;^)
Check out Horse and Fish by Vinicius Cantuária at the Amazon link below.
Hilary know....Lizzie McGuire.
She's a modern day Debbie Gibson. In other words, the little girls scream over her. A musical talent? Not really. Sorry for the cryptic joke.
No mention of Elis Regina?!! The greatest!! She had the sophistication of many of the current crop of singers, combined with a directness and, at times, grittiness reminescent of, if you can believe it, Janis Joplin.

Check her out!

By the way, if you want some incredible instrumentals, check out Ermeto Pasqual.
Audiogon is the best education I have ever received!
Frogman, you are right, how could we forget her? and of course Clara Nunes as well.
Got to the Chesky Records web site

David Chesky is a big fan of Brazilian music, the CD catalog has a specific section for brazilian music.

Some of my favorites are Ana Caram, Badi Assad and Rosa Passos
Esquina de SP (Wilma de Oliveira) SACD is excellent but strange. Each of the formats (MCH SACD, Stereo SACD, CD) has a different, but overlapping, selection of songs.


Further to Brazilian music, can anyone please explain or recommend either of the following:

1) "Acoustic" Brazilian music and/or
2) "Axe" music?

I am trying to find representative artists to create Pandora stations.

Thank you
"Airto-Promises Of the Sun", featuring Airto Moreira: percussion, Milton Nascimento and Flora Purim vocals, is classic and magic Brazilian music.