the luxman t-110 - - -

Wow!! I was listening to this tuner, and it first seemed a bit dry, but as I continued to listen, I found this quite an
impressive tuner. The bass has weight and slam, depending on
amp, pre and speaker. I will move on to other tuners, and I wonder where I will go, but for right now, I am impressed.
I don't have to have the last word in transparency, but I do like bass definition, and better than decent sound. I have a brystonpre, Aragon amp, and speakers with good horns. The voices land right in my room, with air and presence. The dynamics are more than I anticipated, yet not cd like, but stand out quite well.
I am not using anything but rabbit ears, yet all this of what I mentioned is enough, so that, I will be able to live with this for a good while.
If I am way off track in my assumption, then I guess I stand to be corrected. I have been wrong before, but I do have a slightly trained ear, just not a tuner expert.
I do hear a lot of preferences that differ quite vastly. I
can percieve that, it would be hard to go wrong with some tuners. I get the feeling that the Accuphase T 100 would be a definite good choice.
A great tuners ! your ears don't lie. Get an outdoor antenna or a Magnum Dynalab whip . Better tuners are a lot more money. Luxman audio is great for the money ... They made a fantastic receiver the 1120 . which can smoke many seperates!

Better tuners for big $$$...
Tandberg 3001a
Mac 67,71,78, 80
Thanks for the info. I appreciate your input. i would be very interested to hear the Marantz, especially from the era before they went to mass produced. I was in high school then, just never knew then. My buddy is planning on buying the Magnum MD 108, after hearing the Luxman. I am not going to ever let him pick my brain again. It is a good thing his amp is a sterile, non involving amp. I am not going to suggest changing it either. Thx for the info, again.
Also, does someone know what the difference is between the Luxman T 110, and the T 110U? Does the U change it at all? I sure would appreciate the information.
very nice tuner the lux T110, good for the money, smooth tuneful sound, needs to cook a while, does better w tube amps and pre amp. nice yin-yang! also using a scott tuner
310-E but lux sounds more solid tighter in mid and bass.
diffrent sounds. diff strokes for diff folks. ed wone
The t-110 is great. I've been using it with the Luxman L-100 Integrated Amp.