The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.

Luxman is releasing this fall a 95th anniversary integrated. It's style is from the late 1980's. No meters all buttons. Power wise it seems like the same as the 590AXII. World wide 300 of these integrated's will be built. 100 allocated to the US market. Price about $11,495. You can view it on the new Luxman website.



So happy for you. Luxman is awesome and I just call it like I hear it. I love the look too. Understated elegance. :)


As for photo attachment, I think you need a hosting service and then add the link here. Hopefully someone can explain it.

Thanks!! I put a photo in the Virtual Systems under rman9's system. Hopefully I did it right.. 

Thank you so much @joeinid I posted some additional photos to capture my audio journey of what I had been doing the last several months to the year.. Let me know what you think..  I am so glad my dealer had both Mcintosh and Luxman.. I was so disappointed after having invested so much into Mcintosh and still not getting that sensory satisfaction.. I honestly don't think Mcintosh is the same as in the past.. It just isn't to my taste.. Fortunately my dealer let me swap each one of them with Luxman.. 

I can add, the MM phono section sounds fantastic. No downgrade from my older ELAC ppa-2. I hope to try a MC cartridge later on