The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.

Luxman is releasing this fall a 95th anniversary integrated. It's style is from the late 1980's. No meters all buttons. Power wise it seems like the same as the 590AXII. World wide 300 of these integrated's will be built. 100 allocated to the US market. Price about $11,495. You can view it on the new Luxman website.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads here.


@rman9 I am so sorry for your loss. All the reason more to enjoy what you have now.

The 590/595 run pretty warm almost hot. They are class A of course. It’s not horrible but you know they are cooking after a while.

McIntosh works with a lot of speakers but Magico is not one of them, in my opinion.

Magico and Luxman, especially monos, seems to be a natural combo like Wilson and D’agostino.

The 595 is a little more energetic and lively with better bass control with a little more bass and articulation. The 590 is a little more typical class A being warmer, sweeter and a little more forgiving. In my opinion the 595 strikes a better balance and is more M10x sounding. It’s a wonderful piece and each shines on different speakers.

Rman9, yes the Luxman class A integrateds move into AB beyond their rated class A power.  Such is why they can be used with power hungry speakers.  Even the non class A amps (509, for example) are class A up to a certain point.  The 509 is class A up to 6 watts.  I personally prefer AB more often than A.  Maybe you should also try a 509?

@plinko i had the fortune of being able to borrow both 550AXii and 509 from the dealer and compare them side by side at my home. The 550 ax ii was more to my liking.. and I went with the 550.. 

@joeinid I am looking forward to my visit to the dealer on the 595.. I am planning on asking to borrow the 595 for a home trial.. 

Rman9, good luck.  Hope you like the 595 and would be interested to hear what you think?