The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.

Luxman is releasing this fall a 95th anniversary integrated. It's style is from the late 1980's. No meters all buttons. Power wise it seems like the same as the 590AXII. World wide 300 of these integrated's will be built. 100 allocated to the US market. Price about $11,495. You can view it on the new Luxman website.

Thank you @joeinid. You are so right about the 595 being redundant with the C900U/M10X combo.. I am tired of the MA352 and my choices with the dealer is I can swap it out within a year of purchase of anything that is twice as much, and that’s part of the reason I was considering the 595 for swapping it with the MA352 that I paid $6500.. Honestly, I don’t care for the Mcintosh sound, hopefully I don't draw any wrath on that. I swapped the MC462 with the M10X, the C53 with the C900U  with a demo unit while I wait for the one that I ordered, and I can’t be any happier. The M10X is such a beauty and it drives the Magico’s effortlessly.. I don’t use any subs in my 2 channel stereo and I don’t miss it one bit. The reason I went with the 550AXII and the C900U/M10X is to enjoy both the integrated and separate versions of Luxman products.. I adore the brand and I am so glad to have a dealer here in the northwest.. Have you gotten use to the looks of the 595? that holds me back a little, although I will be looking at them in person next weekend at the dealer.. The black underside, is that plastic? thanks for the reply again..

I absolutely love the looks of the 595. Whether it’s Luxman or McIntosh, I usually turn off the meters for the majority of my listening. McIntosh gear is great but Luxman is typically my preferred sound especially since McIntosh changed the sound of the newer gear. Luxman is a perfect match with Magico.

Remember, it’s all about balance. The speaker and amp synergy is critical. Whoever thinks all amps sound the same is wrong.

Luxman, especially the new/current gear is absolutely superb. You are lucky to have such a varied selection of gear. Enjoy the music in great health. Move the MA352 and don’t look back.


Hmmm, I think the bottom black piece is metal. It’s solid and the whole unit is especially well made.

@joeinid I agree with you so much what you said on enjoying the gear in good health. I recently lost my mom and dad and so much of that rings true on the fact life is only once and health is not a given.

And you are spot on with the amp/speaker synergy.. The C53/462/Magico just did not work.. When I brought the 550AXii home, I was stunned by how the Magico’s became alive. and when I brought the M10X, just the shear dynamics, how the lows and highs were so profound, the hush whisper to the loud linger of the cymbals.. It felt like the orchestra is in the room. It’s just phenomenal. I kept thinking I hope I have continued health to enjoy these beautiful machines. So it rings true of what you said. I’ll keep posted on what I do next weekend. I am pretty set on moving the MA352.. Looking at the 595 in person will help..

The Magico/Luxman combo seems like they are made for each other. I had the pleasure of talking to both Peter Mckay at Magico and Jeff Sigmund at Luxman on the phone.. They were both very helpful and very pleasant to talk to..

I don’t doubt for one second how well built the luxman products are.. The bottom I gathered is made of black alumite.. Did you hear a significant difference or improvement in sound with the 595 over the 590AXii? And does the 595 run real hot? The 550AXii runs a little warm.. It's interesting it runs cooler at higher volume levels, wondering if it goes into Class AB at higher volume.. 










Happy Father’s Day to all the dads here.


@rman9 I am so sorry for your loss. All the reason more to enjoy what you have now.

The 590/595 run pretty warm almost hot. They are class A of course. It’s not horrible but you know they are cooking after a while.

McIntosh works with a lot of speakers but Magico is not one of them, in my opinion.

Magico and Luxman, especially monos, seems to be a natural combo like Wilson and D’agostino.

The 595 is a little more energetic and lively with better bass control with a little more bass and articulation. The 590 is a little more typical class A being warmer, sweeter and a little more forgiving. In my opinion the 595 strikes a better balance and is more M10x sounding. It’s a wonderful piece and each shines on different speakers.

Rman9, yes the Luxman class A integrateds move into AB beyond their rated class A power.  Such is why they can be used with power hungry speakers.  Even the non class A amps (509, for example) are class A up to a certain point.  The 509 is class A up to 6 watts.  I personally prefer AB more often than A.  Maybe you should also try a 509?