The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.

Luxman is releasing this fall a 95th anniversary integrated. It's style is from the late 1980's. No meters all buttons. Power wise it seems like the same as the 590AXII. World wide 300 of these integrated's will be built. 100 allocated to the US market. Price about $11,495. You can view it on the new Luxman website.

I had heard some early rumblings of a new anniversary model plus I wanted to help fund the purchase of another amp for my now sold Avantgarde Duo.
I had originally heard about the anniversary integrated being a Japan only model and never expected any coming to North America. When the news arrived of the 595a coming here, I was extremely happy. I quickly paid and patiently waited.

I absolutely loved my 590 and if the 595a wasn’t going to happen, I was prepared to buy another 590AXII. I have more conventional speakers now and love Luxman gear.

I personally don’t miss the meters and love not only the sound but the simplicity of the front controls.

I’ve owned the Naim Supernait 2 and HiCap and always wanted to move up the line. I could never get it together but maybe someday.
Joeinid, thanks for the clarification which is certainly useful. I’m glad the 595A SE has worked out great for you. At the price it ought to deliver.

I have been a Naim user for many years, 10 to be exact starting from NAC202/NAP200 for 7 years to currently 282/HCDR/250DR. The sound of the Luxman is very different from the Naim. The Luxman is much more neutral with a delicate and refined delivery. If comparing between the L-590AXII and 282/HCDR/250DR, the Luxman reproduces music with more sophistication, sounding more nuanced, refined and detailed than the Naim. The Naim sounds bolder and more forward in comparison with slightly better macro dynamics.

The sound of the Naim is more colored than the Luxman to me. Other users who own Luxman and Naim appear to share the same sentiment. The Luxman sound is pure, while with the Naim it appears that it’s adding something to the sound which can be desirable in some systems, not so much in other systems based on highly revealing speakers which tend to reveal all the warts.

With Naim, to get to the same level of refinement and detail, I suspect one needs to go up to NAC 252/Supercap level which will cost a lot more than the Luxman.


Thank you very much.

I agree with your Naim assessment vs Luxman. 
Speaker matching is important too. Naim can be a little tweaky but rewards the user with great sound for those dedicated to maximize their systems.

I’m loving the Luxman but eventually might setup a second system.

Copying this from the AudioShark page courtesy of Mike owner of Suncoast.

What we understand is that there are over 120 parts detail differences between the L-590aXII and L-595ASE;

* Different main power transformer, with special attention paid to noise entering the circuits. And with special vibration control of the transformer itself.
* New, special power supply capacitors. Also installed with special vibration control mounting.
* Anti-resonance chassis design elements implemented in the extreme.
* Peel coat PCB’s implemented where it can make a difference.
* Special copper clad critical signal path shielding.
* Special “Line-1 gold direct onto copper (KAPPA) alloy” RCA style input jacks. (For best sound quality)
* Special selected Nichicon and Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors used throughout.
* First introduction of Luxman’s proprietary “ODNF-u” (Only Distortion Negative Feedback – Ultimate) in an integrated amplifier application. (An advancement over ODNF 4.0)
* Special, very low -impedance speaker relays. (Higher damping factor= 370)

@joeinid just watched a youtube video about the new 595. The bass performance is quite different from the 590ax II, the new 595 is now punchy and more dynamic?