The Luxman L-595A SE integrated is coming.

Luxman is releasing this fall a 95th anniversary integrated. It's style is from the late 1980's. No meters all buttons. Power wise it seems like the same as the 590AXII. World wide 300 of these integrated's will be built. 100 allocated to the US market. Price about $11,495. You can view it on the new Luxman website.
Same power as the 590, no meters, 3k more … I’m sure there’s a buyer for this. Not me though 
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Maybe instead of speculating you should actually talk to a Luxman Rep who can tell you what the difference is.  My buddy is awaiting for his to arrive shortly
The integrated is a direct copy of the 1989 Luxman L-570. It was rated a 50 wpc. But I'm not sure if that is a Class A rating. The 570's in pristine condition seem to run around 3K. Wonder if someone had or has a L-570.
I have to say I love Luxman's aesthetics generally but this one not so much. I'm sure it will sound good though.
Waay over priced Luxman and colored  ,I have heard the previous flagship as well as Pass 60 int
i can say with total confidence the exceptional Coda CSIB integrated has many things other don’t starting with a huge potted 
transformer and 3kva which is huge ,independent pure class A Preamplifier section and choice of 3  choices of wpc 
Such as lowest power  150wpc,300,600 into 2 ohm 18 watts pure class A  ,then 2 more wpc choices ,at under $7 k a steal
And made in U.S.A 10 year warranty ,5 year transferrable l
best of 2020 Stereo times , and great review .
Nothing stood out for me, both aesthetics and specifications are pretty average for a 95th anniversary limited edition. 
It was their chance to go 50w class A like the top Accuphase integrated but they whiffed.
Based on what I see, it seems Luxman is holding out for their 100th anniversary ;-).
Although I am a fan of Luxman amps, I have to say this one looks ugly and cheap in comparison to the current range of Luxman integrateds. Sorry. It looks like a Yamaha instead which is usually a downgrade in build, looks and sound quality.
Way too much $$$
I'd take one of the current class -a models with the amber meters please, although I don't need one as I run a Sugden A21se...
I really wanted to like the look and was hoping others were just being too dark on it, as I love this brand.  Well, you are all right.  Not a great aesthetic.   Why sooooo many buttons when a switch or dial would do, leaving space for Lux's iconic meter(s) or a cleaner face?  Hmmmmm..
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Nostalgia sells.

Look at all these Luxman models

L595 ASE, CL-1000, MQ-300, LX-380, MQ88uC, CL-38uC,SQ-N150, D-380.
A couple of corrections on the Luxman America Facebook page the price is $11,995 not $11,495. Also the 595 SE is available now. So if you have a Luxman dealer near you they may have one on hand. 
I have the 590AXII and see no reason to go to this one. If they they had done a 50 watt maybe, but even then it’s not attractive at all.  I’ll wait for the 100 anniversary, hopefully I’ll be around! 
I had a L560 from the early 80’s and it was Class A 50wpc and did not go into class AB. It was very nice if i do say unfortunate only 100v/220v.

from reading on luxman's site this one looks to be 30wpc class A so not sure what the difference  is to the current 30wpc class integrated though. 
No. The L-595 SE is a limited edition retro integrated to commemorate Luxman's 95th anniversary. The 590 AXII is staying.
It seems most people above feel the aesthetics of the Luxman 595A SE amplifier is not the best (and I agree).

On the other hand, I wonder how it sounds compared to the Luxman 590AX II amplifier? Were there any changes made inside the L-595A SE amp that improves its sound quality? Its specifications look normal. Obviously, I am waiting for someone to purchase this new amplifier and report.

@kren0006, I doubt Luxman will discontinue the Luxman 590AX II amp since the 595A SE amp has a limited number of units available (I think 300 units worldwide and 100 units for the USA). I have no comments on a possible price drop but I doubt it.
Luxman is simply aping the look of certain integrated from the 1980s.

Who said nostalgia just isn't what it used to be?
Enjoy the 595. Did your dealer tell you if Luxman made any upgrades internally over the 590AXII. 
Thank you. I’ll have to try and find out what the actual differences are between the 590 and 595. 
I know it has some parts upgrades and I think better volume control. I don’t miss the meters because I’d turn the lights off anyway. 
It’s definitely a keeper. After being on and playing all night, it’s opened up, relaxed and blossomed. Smooth and sweet like a wonderful Luxman amp. It’s awesome.
The 595A is now a different animal. It's absolutely amazing. Big 3D, open and sweet with absolutely wonderful vocals. Sooooo much better than when first fired up and absolutely stunning now. It's only going to get better.

I've owned the 590AXII and loved it. This 595A SE has now surpassed my memory of the 590AXII which was/is superb in its own right.
Fantastic!! Hope there's a detailed review soon. I'd like to know what the Secret Sauce is. Have you tried the phono yet??

Unfortunately I'm not into vinyl yet. I have some records but no TT.
joeinid637 posts06-14-2021 5:04am The 595A is now a different animal. It’s absolutely amazing. Big 3D, open and sweet with absolutely wonderful vocals. Sooooo much better than when first fired up and absolutely stunning now. It’s only going to get better.

I’ve owned the 590AXII and loved it. This 595A SE has now surpassed my memory of the 590AXII which was/is superb in its own right

May I ask the reason you sold the Luxman L-590AXII? It is interesting that you owned the L-590AXII before and now have the 595A SE.

I own the 590AXII and this integrated will likely outlive me. I have owned many amps throughout the years both integrated and costlier pre/power combinations and the Luxman really shines in comparison to all the amps which I’ve owned. It's really something quite special. The 590AXII is priced significantly lower than the higher range Vitus, D’Agostino or Gryphon etc. but it is quality. It does not only sound great but looks the part as well.

Apart from the Luxman, I also own Naim NAC282/250DR and another solid-state integrated and the Luxman sounds best with my current speakers.

Enjoy your newly acquired 595A SE.


I had heard some early rumblings of a new anniversary model plus I wanted to help fund the purchase of another amp for my now sold Avantgarde Duo.
I had originally heard about the anniversary integrated being a Japan only model and never expected any coming to North America. When the news arrived of the 595a coming here, I was extremely happy. I quickly paid and patiently waited.

I absolutely loved my 590 and if the 595a wasn’t going to happen, I was prepared to buy another 590AXII. I have more conventional speakers now and love Luxman gear.

I personally don’t miss the meters and love not only the sound but the simplicity of the front controls.

I’ve owned the Naim Supernait 2 and HiCap and always wanted to move up the line. I could never get it together but maybe someday.
Joeinid, thanks for the clarification which is certainly useful. I’m glad the 595A SE has worked out great for you. At the price it ought to deliver.

I have been a Naim user for many years, 10 to be exact starting from NAC202/NAP200 for 7 years to currently 282/HCDR/250DR. The sound of the Luxman is very different from the Naim. The Luxman is much more neutral with a delicate and refined delivery. If comparing between the L-590AXII and 282/HCDR/250DR, the Luxman reproduces music with more sophistication, sounding more nuanced, refined and detailed than the Naim. The Naim sounds bolder and more forward in comparison with slightly better macro dynamics.

The sound of the Naim is more colored than the Luxman to me. Other users who own Luxman and Naim appear to share the same sentiment. The Luxman sound is pure, while with the Naim it appears that it’s adding something to the sound which can be desirable in some systems, not so much in other systems based on highly revealing speakers which tend to reveal all the warts.

With Naim, to get to the same level of refinement and detail, I suspect one needs to go up to NAC 252/Supercap level which will cost a lot more than the Luxman.


Thank you very much.

I agree with your Naim assessment vs Luxman. 
Speaker matching is important too. Naim can be a little tweaky but rewards the user with great sound for those dedicated to maximize their systems.

I’m loving the Luxman but eventually might setup a second system.

Copying this from the AudioShark page courtesy of Mike owner of Suncoast.

What we understand is that there are over 120 parts detail differences between the L-590aXII and L-595ASE;

* Different main power transformer, with special attention paid to noise entering the circuits. And with special vibration control of the transformer itself.
* New, special power supply capacitors. Also installed with special vibration control mounting.
* Anti-resonance chassis design elements implemented in the extreme.
* Peel coat PCB’s implemented where it can make a difference.
* Special copper clad critical signal path shielding.
* Special “Line-1 gold direct onto copper (KAPPA) alloy” RCA style input jacks. (For best sound quality)
* Special selected Nichicon and Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors used throughout.
* First introduction of Luxman’s proprietary “ODNF-u” (Only Distortion Negative Feedback – Ultimate) in an integrated amplifier application. (An advancement over ODNF 4.0)
* Special, very low -impedance speaker relays. (Higher damping factor= 370)

@joeinid just watched a youtube video about the new 595. The bass performance is quite different from the 590ax II, the new 595 is now punchy and more dynamic?
590AXII on steroids? Or perhaps closer sounding to 509X? Interesting. Just wished Luxman made the 595 prettier to match the stellar sound quality.
My dealer just ordered a 595 for his store. Luxman is limiting stock to two units per store. Looking forward to giving it a listen. From someone that my dealer knows who purchased the 595 he's selling the 590AXII. Seems to be a lot more than Luxman dropping the insides of the 590 into the 595.
I’ve owned my 595a for about 2 weeks. It is absolutely awesome. It does feel/sound a little bit bolder yet sweeter and more natural than the previous 590 that I had.

it took a few days to settle down but has opened up beautifully and sounds great. 
I realize that it’s a limited piece and not many will get to experience the 595a. If you are at all on the fence, don’t hesitate. Actual power is probably 2-3X rated so it’s more versatile than expected.
Joe Congratulations on your purchase.  The 595a sounds like a very special integrated.   Btw I absolutely love the looks of the 595a.  I am sure this will be a very special amp for you. 

Thank you very much. I’ve been though a lot of gear (and I mean a lot). 
I’m at the point now where I’ve sold almost everything else. This 595a is my new reference and does everything that I want/need while giving me the sound that I crave. Luxman gear in general is superb. 
I’ve given up 100+ pound gear in favor of gear that I can still comfortably handle. 
Thank you Luxman for continued improvements and wonderful voicing of your products. 
I’m very happy.

I wonder if they'll do something similar to what Harbeth did with the 30.1 Anniversary - Harbeth turned it intothe production version 30.2...following that logic, perhaps Luxman will, if the 595a is successful, turn it into the 590AXIII?

Hell, if I was the VP of Product there (instead of 'here'), that's what I'd do.
Congratulations Joe ! Have you used the ‘Loudness’ button?
I’ve been looking for a quality integrated/control amp with Tone control and Loudness switch and this unit has all these!! Just want to know how well the implementation is. Thanks you..
595 did not take long to put my 590 in the used market.
Absolutely stunning with my Mágico A1
What is the difference in sound quality between the 595A SE and 590AXII? Any reviews?
Luxman is releasing this fall a 95th anniversary integrated. It's style is from the late 1980's. No meters all buttons.

I feel attacked.