The Loss of a Jazz Hero - Joe Sample

In the late 70's I became an audiophile and began to seriously appreciate jazz. A new record label, Mobile Fidelity Sound lab (MOFI), began pressing exceptional recordings and distributing to those who appreciated good sound. Flipping through records at a shop one day I spotted some MOFI vinyl and purchased several, one of which was that of a jazz musician who played the piano. I listened to that record over and over and loved it. That record was one that made me appreciate jazz and how a concert piano could be used to make great jazz music.

Fast forward to 2002 - a friend of mine, who plays the flute, gave to me her entire lot of vinyl and one of the albums in the stack was that same record title I used to listen to over and over. Memories began as I played it again and reminisced of my youth. For me, this is a special album that helped teach me about good jazz, good sound and a reason to continue my audiophile endeavor.

Now that piano player is no longer with us and I mourn deeply. Tonight will be a tribute to him when I spin my well-played MOFI of one of my heroes. That disk will be "Rainbow Seeker" by Joe Sample. Bless his gifted soul as he rests in peace.
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Hard news for me too.
He was a great piano cat.
Have his and Crusaders entire vinyl collection and each and every album is able to bring joy.
RIP Joe.
"Rainbow Seeker" is my favorite but if there is a CD available, You can have go to the original recording venue in holographic 3D! You can almost walk up to the stage reach out your hand and touch his piano! Get together with Digital Systems and Solutions and you will like I did put your Tandberg TD20A-SE and your Turntable in the closet, buy at a low price an Adcom GCD-575, do some VERY inexpensive mods and go to audio heaven!!!!
I recall hearing the Crusaders' "Scratch" for the first time at a friend's house and running right out for a copy. My last Joe Sample disc was "Carmel" in the 70's, but I got a lot of pleasure from Joe over the years. Sad news.
Great artist, another one gone. RIP
Big fan.. have most of his and Crusaders recordings... he worked wonders with so many people notably Michael Franks.