The longest you have owned any gear?

Not counting accessories such as a Zerostat which I bought eons ago, the one piece of equipment I own which I've had the longest is my turntable- 19 years now. 

What's been your experience? 

When I bought it in 1983 the salesman said, "this is the last turntable you will ever HAVE to buy."  He was right.

Its been 34 years now, and my Thorens TD160 super with SME 3009 improved still works like new.

I have changed the oil once in all that time.

Currently running an Ortofon OM40 super.

Some pieces open the door to the music--regardless of their vintage. My 39 year old Nakamichi 600 II is one. Properly tuned, it plays music very compellingly.
Hi Inna,

This system is musical and satisfying. The Avalon progression began with Ascents to Eidelons, later Diamonds and presently Times.  A very nice improvement, especially in the lower registers.  CAT JL-2 Black Path amp adequately drives the speakers, although my occasional yearning for additional, over-the-top decibels leaves me....yearning for more power.  Rarely does the Convergent not deliver.  
I have been an audiogon lurker forever but finally my first post. I still have in my bedroom system a pair of merlin 3 way floorstanding speakers purchased in 1986 for $2200.  Since they are about 100 pounds per speaker I  have no plans to ever get rid of them. They still sound great but totally different than the vsm's in my main system