The longest you have owned any gear?

Not counting accessories such as a Zerostat which I bought eons ago, the one piece of equipment I own which I've had the longest is my turntable- 19 years now. 

What's been your experience? 
I'm one of the more unusual folks here, I guess.  Don't change stuff all that frequently and have kept all the stuff I really liked.  All of my "vintage" gear is at least 28 years old.  Only bought one piece used and the Sansui was a hand-me-down from my parents in 1976.

Purchase date, oldest to newest:

1970 Sansui 1000x receiver (AM section out, bedroom system)
1972 Stanton Parastat Mk. IIA brush (retired now but still pretty)
1975 Discwasher brush (still in use)
1980 Discwasher brush (still in use)
1981 Tandberg TCD440A cassette deck (in primary system)
1983 RGR Model 4-1 preamp (just recapped)
1983 Rogers Studio 1 speakers (primary system mains)
1984 Sota Sapphire turntable (in primary system MC)
1986 Belles Model 1 power amp (in 5.1 subsystem for surrounds)
1989 Pioneer PL-15 DII turntable (bought used, in primary system MM)

Still have 2 original pressing LPs I played through that old Sansui when my folks would let me back when, too:  Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat and Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge Over Troubled Water.  They're even still playable, to a point.

Much happy listening here.
McIntosh C26 and Crown DC 300A purchased in 1974, still in use in my office system. At the time, I couldn't afford the extra $100 or so for the matching McIntosh 2105, so I got the Crown.

A Jadis JP-80 MC preamp, although modded in 2005, has been my main source pre since 1994.  I have rolled tubes, but find the Telefunkens are most at home.

Walker turntable, very early generation with multiple upgrades has been spinning lps for 11 years. 

Avalon speakers...of one model or another for a good 18 years.

Who knows....maybe I'll surprise my wife, friends and myself; and leave the system as is for another _____ years.
A Niles Audio CPM-31 8x8 switchbay.  Simple magic. *G*

Next oldest is a SAE 2 band parametric eq....think it's the 180 (too lazy to go look at the label....plays daily in my shop....)

A Nagoka destat wand.  Little bugger will still bite your fingertip hard enough to make you nearly drop it.....

...there's some other 'oldies but goodies' underfoot around here....;)
Walker, Jadis, Avalon must be a great system. I presume power amps are also Jadis. Something I would want to hear.