The Little Tube Amp That Could?

Greetings all. I am looking for some recommendations for a moderately-priced stereo tube amp. I would like to have at least 20-30 solid WPC, but don't really need much more than that. The amp is going in between a Cary SLP50A, Ruark Templars (original model, about 87db sensitive with tube-friendly impedence), with a Sony 333 as the front end (also a NAD 533/Black Cube analog rig, too).

Is it possible to find an amp like this (used gear preferred) in the 6-800 range? I don't need fancy, just good dimensional tube sound with some "balls".

I was thinking about a Cary SLA 70 or something like that, and would appreciate quality feedback on this or similar amps. Thanks for your time.

There are lots of choices in the "used" price range of $600--$800. I am going to recommend a pair of the Quicksilver mini-monos. They appear on audiogon from time to time in that price range. I use a pair myself and they are very very good.
ARC VT-60 for sale on Audiogon -- I have previously owned a VT-60 and they are very nice for the $$. If you could go up to $1700, there are some VT-100 (which I own now) which is much better.
You might consider a Sonic Frontiers SFS-40. It can be tubed with el34, kt88, kt90, 6550 outputs, as well as several input and driver stage tube options. Wattage would vary form 40-55 wpc depending on tube complement. If you are interested in tube rolling and trying different combo's, this is the amp for you. If you are interested in a used one, email me. Good luck. Erik
Music Reference RM10 ... one of the most underrated buys in audio. 35 watts of beautiful el84 sound. A little tube amp that can and will.
I just saw a couple of Antique Sound Labs monoblocks for sale for around $800 the pair, using KT88 tubes, single ended, at about 25 wpc. I own the MG15SI DT (15 wpc single ended triode/pentode stereo amp). Purchased for about $550 as a demo. Bought it just to see what it was like. Liked it so much I kept it. Solid, heavy, and very musical. Good luck!
The Antique Sound Labs are VERY good. So are the VTL Tiny Triodes. At 25wpc they kick and should be found for around $900 used. All good stuff.
I would second the VTL tiny triodes....really nice in the triode mode.

Rogue 88 or Music Reference RM-10. You can get either one for about $700 to $800. You must run the 88 in triode to get the most out of this amp. The downside is that the 88 is rather big (over 50lbs compared to the RM-10 about 15lbs) and has a fan. The RM-10 is extremely quiet for a tube amp and has a grainless midrange that is more refined than the 88. The 88 has a better soundstage and bass. Both are excellent and each has it strengths and weaknesses.
You may find a Conrad Johnson MV 50 or MV 52. These are 45 watts per channel and have superb build quailty.I use an MV 52 with Meadowlark Kestral Hotrod's with are easy to drive and the sound is wonderful. You may not be on the cutting edge with these but you'll have a wonderful sounding amp and CJ is great to deal with. The CJ website has info/photos on their older models.
Quicksilver makes some nice low powered tube amps that are available used. If you see a Berning EA-230, it may be worth investigating. Also, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, you could get an AMC amp. They are available on Ebay at closeout prices.
Keep your eye out for a used Quicksilver 8417. They are extremely transparent, very tube like and I've heard them drive Maggies to decent levels. Typical prices are well within your range (althought the 8417 tubes are getting expensive).
I appreciate the feedback folks, thanks very much. About the Music Reference, are these ever on the Audiogon? I've been hanging around here for a year and a half or so, don't remember seeing too many of these. I'd love to hear from any Cary SLA 70 owners out there, too.