The listening constraints have been lifted

I don't know about anyone else, but living in a busy house of five (3 teen agers) along with all the associated sports and school activities, I find precious few times that I can turn up my rig to the levels I like to. Today my wife and girls are at a wedding shower, my son is at work, I'm home alone! I just threw in some Keb' Mo' and turned it up so I can enjoy it throughout the house. Sure there is yardwork to be done and cars to clean (not to mention the honey-do-list). Now, I enjoy my family immensely, however, it's "me-time" and the listening constraints have been lifted, I'm a happy man!

Anyone else live with "listening constraints"?
I can't or shouldn't listen loud when my wife is home, but I find if I turn up the system she realizes she has some shopping to do.

Got em.
I'm in the same boat,my friend. Timing and patience is so important to find that "me-time". Hang in there. Family is always top priority, but since they love Dad so much, they'll allow you your "me-time" from time to time. Best wishes. Enjoy your family and music system in that order.
Depends on what I'm listening to...actually most of what I'm listening to has constraints. Every once in a while I'll get a "Why doncha turn it up?", but not often enough.
Same here— that's why I'm into headphones in a big way. When everyone goes to sleep, that's when I get rocking. Check out to learn more about headphones and headphone amps from a very nice and knowledgeable bunch of headphone geeks. You can put together a world-class cans & amp system for much less $$$ than a pair of top flight speakers and an amp to power them.
For me, it's concert DVD's that go on when the house is empty - concert level. There are some really good ones, and at empty-house level they can leave you feeling like you went to a concert. I'm getting old enough that it's then a bit of a relief when people come home and I can "have" to turn it back down.
I hear you loud and clear:) Not only that, but I've literally have had to build a cage around my components because my 14 month old boy is so interested in pressing the buttons to see the lights change! Even further, I have to keep the grills on my Merlins because I caught him trying to shove a soother into the front port, which is at eye level to him.
My wife is the one asking to turn down the stereo, and no amount of science (i.e. pulling out my RS digital SPL meter and showing her that it is only playing at 70 dB) will persuade. Thus, the music is usually played as background. When they do leave, I immediately get a few CDs that I want to play at a "normal" listening level (~80 dB).
Why does it seem that only I make the compromises?

I have a four year old son and some times, he likes to sit and listen with me. If you had only trained you children to enjoy the same hobby as you when they were younger. My son and I will sit and listen for enjoyment, but I do have the same constraint when I need to do a critical listening session. I am however fortunate enough that my listening room is on the back side of the house, so I can listen at a pretty reasonable level after my son goes to bed. I don't have to worry about my wife, after the little one goes to bed, she usually reads at night before we go to bed.
I know to turn my music down when my wife pulls into the driveway. While this can be quite annoying we must all remember that annoying music...that which we hate....has the same effect on those who can't stand loud music in the home. So, even though my wife and I do enjoy the same music, my playing it loud becomes just as hard on her as if it was me having to listen to the kind of music I can only tolerate.

Still, when I driving home and I am in the mood for some really good music, I must admit that this is the only time I am anxious to see if my wife is not home.......
Do you guys know how people talk about how their amplifier makes their speakers "sing"... it only happens at certain levels. I was first thrilled that I didn't have to attend the shower with my wife and girls!!! Then, my son had to work, I was pumped. I followed Keb' Mo' with some Muddy Waters... My speakers were singing!
Yep - finding time is the biggie for me. I read about reviewers listening to several CD's at a sitting with envy. I usually will only be able to get one record or cd in at a time, sometimes only half. If I'm lucky I can turn it up, but often time I just enjoy it low - med volumes. So.... like davetherave I got a backup system and it's headphones.

Family absolutely comes first, but if you rob yourself of your enjoyments (audio-music) you will become bitter and take it out on them.

Like my spin ;)

Great Post,

Yes, it is quite true that a system can only....sing(?) the optimal volumn.

Alas, I doubt I will be trying to explain this to my 'other half'.....Then again,

"Dear, it is a scientifically proven fact that music sounds best at the optimal volumn".....hummmmmmmm.

Sheeeee-it, well im might be worth a try. Problem is, her hearing is better than mine, alas......
Uncle Jeff

Yeahs its always nice getting a chance to listen.

The woman moved out, and so did her bills. Im getting ready to drop a good chunk of chedder to upgrade rig and get back into the game. The best part, is she isnt there to complain.
She thought it was pure madness to just sit there and listen to music, when you COULD be watching TV.

Oddly enough, i will have a total of about 2,600 in my front end, and 10.00 in my speakers.

Cant wait!:)
The couple upstairs from me have a baby. Up until the time they brought the baby home I could listen to my music as often and loudly as I wanted. They are really nice people. They encouraged me to listen and enjoy, and I did! Now, however, they have asked me to tone it down during certain times of the day. I am more than happy to oblige, but I must admitt that I enjoy turning up the volume a bit, especially if I am listening to classical music. But isnt that baby cute! I am very happy for them.


(for you, not for the kid...)
Currently enjoying 2-months of me time!

That's right, the wife and kids went home to her parents for 2 months. I've only been married for 9 months and I've had one helluva time dealing with what we're talking about here. Let me tell you all, I have been rocking every day since they left. But I sure do miss them... But I've been rocking!!!!

My neighbors are moving in the next day or two, my wie will be working, and I will be jamming!

Like most, my wife gets annoyed at loud music. Not all the time, but often enough.