The lid closed ?

I was just wonder, for all of us audio guys who have a turntable with a plastic lid attached, does it make sense to totally remove it. All the super hi end tables do not have a plastic lid. Also if the cartridge is that sensitive to the room, the table, the motor, the speakers; being to close. Is it that sensitive to having the lid closed and picking up on the echo/ chamber created by having the lid closed.

Any thoughts?? I am inclined to remove mine

Get rid of it.

Buy some potting soil and fill it up and plant flowers in it.
Depends. How clean is your air? If you have pets: Keep the cover!!
I leave the cover on, as the dust that lands on it makes it clear that leaving it off (for me) would be folly.
Those plastic lids resonate which is picked by your cartridge. I agree...get rid of it during playback, and keep it in position during rest periods.
Off in use, on when not. What I have done, is remove the hinges from the lid/table and place four (one on each corner) rubber 1'square 1/4 inch high 'feet'you can get at any hardware store in the section for furniture pads, feet, etc. I put them so that the lid is placed down just out side of them and prevents horizontal movement when not in use. FWIW.
Yes, remove the lid when playing. We should know. We make all kinds of acrylic covers for TTs but when we did vibration tests, we found that resonance from the cover affects vibration on the plinth, tonearm, etc., especially when loud music is playing.
Vinh Vu
Gingko Audio
I have dogs and therefore hair, so use the cover but... its not so noticible with the table I have now (Sota) but with my old Thorens TD160 there was a real difference in sound with the lid on or off. taking the cover off, or even just leaving it up really opened up the sound noticibly. I'm sure it varies based on how well damped your table is and how sensitive your system is but try it, you might be impressed with the results.
Thanks to you for all your comments and experience. I will be taking it off tonight and checking out the difference.It will be very interesting to see,and I guess from what is said above, it will be some barometer of how sensitive the table is.

OK so my half decent turntable improved quite a bit. I hear more detail and the sound stage did in fact become more focused to the center.

Thanks again all for your input.