The Lengths You ve Gone Through

Anyone have stories of the ridiculous things you've done upon getting a new piece of equipment? My 2 monents of glory, got a pair of Martin Logans from a dealer but didnt get home till 1230am when the family was all sleeping. I had to have those set up that night, so I managed to carry those 125lb beasts up a flight of stairs without waking up a soul and without any interior wall damage. Another time, I walked 1/4 mile from my car to the home with a Krell Kma 100 mono in each arm.
My wife and I looked at 500 houses aiming to upgrade our listening room and included an evaluation by an audio engineer as a formal contingency inspection in our offer. Once we moved in (as part of our earthquake retrofit) we had an additional 6 cubic yards of reinforced concrete poured and subfloor bracing put in our crawl space as "speaker stands" to decouple our Dunlavy SC-V's from the listening room floor.
Justlisten, how much can you bench press??? Carrying two Krells, even KMA 100s, for a 1/4 mile is an Olympian feat!
Unbelievable about the Krell monos and the concrete.
I once demoed a pair of ML Aerius from a dealer about a half an hour's drive from my apartment. My 4-dr saab has a foldable back seat, so I assumed the boxed pair would fit, then came to realize they wouldn't. Fifteen minutes from when the dealer closed, I had to put one in the car, drive home, unload it, and come back for the other one!
The worst was I had to repeat the process upon returning them; I liked them but they were too big for my little room....

Im no weightlifter, those amps were hanging low to the ground. A little cursing and a lot of hobling got me there.
Pls1's story is way crazy, I am looking to get out of my condo and into a home and the 1st thing I do look at is the room dimensions, unfortunatly, living in the San Franciso Bay Area, you cant be too choosy on limited means.
I've travelled to the following states to pick up various pieces of gear, some states several times each. The list includes: Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, etc... I didn't bother to include Illinois even though i've gone to the furthest corners of it on several occasions. For the record, i'm located near Chicago. Sean
When I ordered my VPI HW-19 Mk 4 TT I had it delivered to my office in downtown Chicago. From the office I carried both boxes 7 city blocks (7/8 of a mile) to the train. When I got off the train I had to carry them about another 1/4 mile to the car. I needed a BIG BEER after that. Thanks, Doug
I can relate to Sean's post. I'm in Massachusetts, and have gone on road trips as far as western Pennsylvania to pick up gear. I hate shipping! Last summer I bought a pair of a/d/s L1530 speakers from a guy in southern NJ. These are huge! I fit one (just barely) in the trunk of my Crown Vic, and the other went in the back seat. I had to put the front seats all the way forward, and I'm 6'4" tall. Needless to say, I was happy to get the a/d/s speakers, but the ride home to Massachusetts was no fun!

I once had to get up off the couch and walk all the way over the the stereo to turn it on because one of the 12v remote on leads wasnt seated well. It felt like a death march
Lross, thanks for the laugh : ) We can always use a bit of levity at this joint, especially when we are talking about how obsessive we get about this hobby. Sean
My back pain is a constant reminder that I need to make friends with my neighbor if I am going to keep swithching gear. Those 150lb amps and speakers are a PITA to get in and out of the house, packed and unpacked, but somehow I always do it by myself with the exception of my wife looking on.